Types Of Poems

What are the different types of poems? Poems are assemblies of words that usually express ideas or emotions. They are groups of words that often use imagery as well as metaphors. There are many types of poems as there are many types of poetry as well. The main difference of each type is that they differ in format, subjects, and rhyme.

The Haiku is among the most commonly seen types of poems. In school, we are taught and asked to make haiku types of poems, usually. These are types of poems that originated from Japan. There are consisted of non-rhyming lines, usually by threes. The first and the third lines of the Haiku are of five syllables and the second line is composed of seven syllables. The main topic of the Haiku is usually nature but one can write a Haiku of pretty much any topic too.

The pastoral types of poetry are those that are usually of harmony and peace topics. Much like the haiku, the pastoral poems are also usually on the topic of nature. Generally, these pastoral types of poetry are those that describe a place with the word selection that is always peaceful as it is endearing. After reading the pastoral types of poetry, you can feel relaxed and at ease as a guarantee.

Another one of the common types of poems are the terza rima. These are types of poems which you can understand just be reading their titles or names. These are where “tercets” are found. These are the lines of poems that come in groups of threes. Much like the Haiku types of poems, the terza rima have syllable requirement as well. The terza rima requires lines of either ten or eleven syllables.

Ballads are types of poems that are usually made into songs. Yes, they are the types of poems used in romantic tunes and melodies. This is why ballads are usually sung and turned into songs, as they are most often about the topic of love and romance. Most of the time, ballads are meant to tell a story. They are usually of mystical nature as well. The most distinguishing factor of ballads is that they have a refrain that is repeated at intervals all throughout the poem.

Imagery is among the types of poems that shows immense power. They are ones that are explaining poems through letting you visualize the picture that they are trying to paint. The people who write imagery poems are called imagists. They write poems with the goal of drawing a picture in the thoughts of the reader and aim to intensify them.

Lastly, we have limerick. Limerick poems are whimsical or sometimes silly. They are written by five lines. The goal of the writers of limerick poems is to create a short story that is humorous and funny. For hundreds of years, these poems have been very popular. They often express ideas that are off color or sometimes even crude. But the limerick poems that are written at present times can express pretty much any type of story.