Types Of Houses List

Give a deep look at the types of houses list. There are many types of houses with different architecture, design; each type of house has its unique characteristics. Some types of houses are characteristic for only one area or one country if it’s a traditional one. Each type of house is built according to area requirements, architectural style of the country, maybe according to traditions of people, living in that area. Different types of houses list can include following names.


A bungalow has different meanings throughout the world. Bungalows can be either detached single story or detached one and half story building (dormer window). Usually they are small buildings. This type of house is great for relaxing, especially for old people, who might not be comfortable with moving up and down on stairs.


This type of house is a combinational building; a barn and a condominium are combined in Barndominium. This type of house is sheel metal building with big roll-up doors and inclosed areas. As you see this type of houses don’t have standard house structure.

Coach house

This type of houses is also called Conchs. Coanch house can be wooden one store or two storey building with metal or shingle roof. This type of house represents vernacular architectural style. It is set on piers’ posts for air to circulate under the door floor of the house. Conch house has the very interesting history: this type of house was designed in Florida, in the 19th century under the name Conchs by the immigrants from the Bahamas. These immigrants were good boat-builders and so first Conch houses looked like boats.


The farmhouse, as it seems from the name of this type of house is built on the territory of a farm. It is a main house on the territory of a farm. As known from the history farmhouses were often combined with hauseban (‘’house’’ for animals). You can see such ones today too. There were three types of farmhouses in German; these types exist in nowadays too. You can also find farmhouses in Italy, they are combined with courtyard.

Log home

The structure of this type of house is similar to a log cabin, house type made of logs that are not milled into lumber, mostly summer cottage. You can see log houses in the central Europe, some Asian countries, Russia and so on. There are 4 types of log house: handcrafted, milled, hewn logs, sawn logs. Handcrafted house is made of peeled logs. Milled house is built logs that are converted into timbers.


The I-house has come from the traditional type of house in Britain from the 17th century. It has become popular also in USA during the colonial period. This type of house got its name in the 30s, it was named by the architect called Fred Kniffen. He gave this type house the name “I-house”, because it’s frequent occurrence in the rural farm in Indiana.

Mobile house

This type of house is also called trailer house. You can such houses in USA. These are prefabricated houses built in a factory that are transported to the needful place.