Types Of White Blood Cells And Their Functions

Different types of white blood cells and their functions play an important role in medical science. White blood cell, another name of which are leukocytes are the cells work in […]

Types Of Blood Testing

There are many types of blood testing that can be taken for a number of reasons. A Full Blood Count (FBC) also known as the Complete Blood Count (CBC) is […]

Types Of Lung Diseases

The lungs are very important organs and the types of lung diseases can cause serious health problems. This is why it is very important as well that you take good […]

Types Of Blood Plasma

Blood plasma is the clear part of blood and it is colorless. It does not consist of any cells and it actually makes up for half of the blood’s volume. […]

Types Of Blood Reactions

Being able to know the types of blood reactions is vital knowledge for everyone as we just might one way or the other need to get blood to save our […]

Types Of Blood Stains

When we refer to blood stains, though many people do not know this but, there are various types of blood stains that exist and are analyzed. Have you ever seen […]

Types Of Blood Veins

Veins are the most important kind of blood vessel, all types of blood veins are very crucial part of a human body as they carry oxygenated /deoxygenated blood from various […]

Types Of Blood Work Tests

There are various types of blood work tests available. Typically, blood tests might be carried out in a specialist’s office or in a lab where experts are prepared to take […]

Types Of Unit Cells

There are several types of unit cells and they are all of interest and of great use to scientists, biologists, physicists and chemists because these cells are unique when compared […]

Types Of Cancer Genes

Cancer is a genetic disease which is a result of the metamorphosis of genes. Various types of cancer genes interfere with the standard execution of the required proteins. Some of […]