Types Of Cars In Nascar

Types Of Cars In NASCAR

Types of cars in NASCAR vary according to the type of race series and the manufacturer and should always meet the NASCAR criteria. Different manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota and Dodge have different models for specific series.


NASCAR sprint cup series is the major racing series in the event and is named after its sponsor the Sprint Corporation and was known in different names in the past. The cars used in sprint cup are known as cars of tomorrow.

Types of cars in NASCAR used in sprint cup series are unique in automobile racing with their powerful engines capable of attaining speeds up to 200Mph and with bodies with high weight. Even though the cars are powerful to reach top speed, their heavy body and relatively simple aerodynamic design makes it difficult for handling. Cars are equipped with electronics that are generally Spartan in nature and have bodies and chassis that are regulated to ensure parity.

Types of cars in NASCAR by CHEVROLET

Chevrolet uses Impala for sprint cup series since 2007.

* Impala

Imapala was introduced in sprint cup series in 2007, replacing Monte Carlo. The use of impala nameplate saw an end in 2012 and the cars are known by the name Chevrolet SS.

Types of cars in NASCAR – FORD

Ford uses the model Fusion in sprint cup series.

* Fusion

Ford replaced their previous model Taurus with Fusion in 2006 for sprint cup series and was the first time since 1968 that Ford introduced a new model into racing track along with their launch.

Types of cars in NASCAR – DODGE

* Charger

Charger is the model used by Dodge in sprint cup series and was rear wheel driven and had a V8 engine unlike its predecessor Intrepid.

Types of cars in NASCAR – TOYOTA

* Camry

Camry was introduced by Toyota in NASCAR in the year 2007


Nationwide series is the stock car racing competition, which acts as a proving ground for aspiring drivers who wish to make it to the organizations bigger leagues.

Nationwide series mostly uses older versions of sprint cup series. These cars differ from their sprint series counter parts mainly on shorter wheelbase, lesser weight and less powerful engine. Competitors are allowed to use cars that are not used in sprint cup series and V6 engines instead of V8 engines that are used in sprint cup series. Similarities can be noticed in brake systems, suspensions, transmissions etc. among the sprint cup series cars and nationwide series cars.

* CHEVROLET – Chevrolet uses impala ss that meet the nationwide series specifications.

* DODGE – the model challenger is used by dodge in nationwide series

* FORD – Ford mustang is used in nationwide series

* TOYOTA – Toyota uses Camry in nationwide series also after making it compatible with nationwide series specifications.


The pickup truck racing series in NASCAR is known as camping world truck series and it is the only series in NASCAR that allows modified automobiles. Even though manufacturers are allowed to use their modified production pickup trucks, these trucks are supposed meet certain specifications and criteria set by NASCAR. Models used by different manufacturers are:

* CHEVROLET – Silverado

* DODGE – Ram

* TOYOTA – Tundra

* FORD – F-150