Types Of Energy And Definitions

The types of energy and definitions are discussed in physical science. The actual number is not so easy to determine as new forms of energy are discovered always. Actually, new energy means new type of energy as the form of energy can be changed. The basic type of energy is kinetic and potential.

Anyway, the types of energy and definitions are given below:

Mechanical Energy:

The mechanical energy can classified into two broad categories. One is potential energy and the other is kinetic energy. Potential energy exist everywhere. In fact the potential energy and kinetic energy jointly make the total energy.

Kinetic energy:

Kinetic energy is required to force something. It can accelerate something by creating motion or anything else.

Surface energy:

Surface energy is one of the types of energy and definitions where any tension is found on the surface.

Sound energy:

A type of vibration is called sound. Sound is related to something which can be heard by the human ear. If the frequency of the sound is below 20Hz, then it can’t be heard. Also, if the frequency is above 20,000Hz then the sound can’t be heard. But, that will be a powerful one. Using sound energy, powerful bombs can be produced!

Chemical energy:

Chemical energy is another form of energy. This type of energy is stored inside the fuels. When a chemical reaction takes place, then this energy is released. So, chemical reactions are the main source of this energy.

Gravitational potential energy:

Among the types of energies and definitions, this type of energy can be created because of the position of any particle. Actually, in more height one particle is, the more gravitational energy that one achieves.

Thermal energy:

Another name of thermal energy is heat energy. The temperature of anything is an indication of how much thermal energy that one has. Actually, because of the thermal energy the rate of the movement of the molecules is increased. Thus the energy is also increased.

Electrical energy:

This type of energy is produced because of the electric field created around an electric wire. In particle electron, proton and neutron can be found. The electrons moving around the neutron are responsible for creating the flow of electricity.

Electro chemical energy:

Electrochemical energies can be found in battery in a chemical way. Light is considered as the electrochemical energy and called, ‘electro-magnetic radiation.’ It is also considered about light that it is set of packet containing photons. Again, lights are also considered as waves. So, the latest theory describes that the light is a combination of wave and packet. The sunlight is so powerful that it can make harm to human skin as it contain the harmful Ultraviolet ray.

Nuclear energy:

The nuclear energy can be found in the sun, nuclear reactor and in the interior of the universe. This nuclear energy can be created because of the nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. In absence of this nuclear energy, the earth will be cold!

So, these are the various types of energy and definitions though newer types of energies are discovered.