Types Of Poetry

What are the different types of poetry? Poetry is a fascinating way of expressing one’s self. They are a collection of words that pertain to a certain topic. Poetry is also defined as a way to express an emotion or feeling. And this is why there are quite a number of different types of poetry that are different in many ways.

One of the many types of poetry is acrostic. The acrostic types of poetry are poetry that contains certain letters placed at the beginning of every line. These letters can be read when they are read at a certain order or sequence.

A ballad is among the many types of poetry that are usually made into a song. They are usually short and are made up of different stanzas with lines of either two to five. The main characterizing factor of these types of poetry is that it has a refrain. The refrain is then repeated multiple times in the flow of the ballad. During the olden days, ballads are mostly about folklore and such. But recently, the most common written ballads are about love and romance.

A blank verse is among the types of poetry that is unrhymed. They usually form rhythms of speech. Burlesque is among the types of poetry that can be confusing to many. The nature of burlesque poetry is usually serious but they are treated as funny or humorous.

Cinquain is a form of poetry that is short and unrhymed as well, much like the blank verse. They contain different syllabication and are composed of five lines. Clerihew is among the types of poetry that is comedic in nature. They are in a rhyming scheme and are composed of two couplets.

Epic poetry are poems that are long and usually narrative. As the name implies, this is a poetry type that speaks of the story of heroes and deals with traditions and history of nations. An epigram, on the other hand, is among the types of poetry that possess mockery, satire, and sarcasm. They normally end with punch lines that can be either stinging or humorous. An elegy is among the types of poetry that are sad in nature. They are the poems and poetry that are usually taking about the death of a person.

Fables are short poems that tell a story as well. They are made up of verses and proses and they tell a lesson or a moral in the end. Fables usually characterize humans as animals and they are used to make sure that the moral is told toward the end part of the poem. Free verse poetry is composed of poems that are, well, free versed. They are irregular and break free from the traditional styles of writing poems.

Lastly, we have haiku. Haikus are poems that usually talk about nature. They are unrhymed and made up of Japanese verses, usually. These poems are written mostly in the present tense and are composed of three lines that are unrhymed as well as 17 syllables in total.