Types Of Plants Angiosperms

Angiosperms are those types of plants that bear seeds and there are many types of plants angiosperms have produced today. Numerous flowering plants are certain types of plants angiosperms have produced. These can be found anywhere and everywhere. Go to a city and you are bound to see flowers somewhere or the other; go to a forest or a jungle and any flowering plants that you see will be the offspring of an angiosperm. Basically any seed-bearing plant is angiosperm and since there are so many types of flowers and plants, there are also many types of angiosperms. They are different from gymnosperms and may even produce fruits in some cases.

One of the types of plants angiosperms have produced is the flower. Flowers are actually one of the reproductive organs of angiosperms. If you live in a place where there are many flowers you may notice that people around you or you yourself get running noses, puffy eyes and may even have breathing problems. This is because of the release of pollen into the air by the flower. The pollen flies around and is carried by the air till it settles on soil and grows there. Though they make gardens look very attractive and much prettier, they do affect the health of certain individuals who cannot breathe properly due to pollen allergies and other problems that pollen could cause in such people too.

Marine angiosperms are another example of types of plants angiosperms are a product of. Usually you won’t be able to see flowers in the sea because these are small but they do exist and have adapted to the aquatic environment. If one were to look closely at seagrass, such types of plants angiosperms have produced can be seen. They are also usually eaten by fish and they exist at the lower levels of the sea/ocean/river.

Certain types of plants angiosperms produce can produce fruits as well. Oranges, apples and bananas are all types of plants angiosperms and the seeds in these cases are related to the kind of fruits that grow as a result of reproduction and they could also directly promote germination. The fruit protects the embryo. Various types of plants angiosperms are also used for other purposes. By way of example, fruits are used when making shampoos and soaps while some of these plants are also helpful and act as medicines. In fact several countries in the east use these types of plants angiosperms to make herbal products. As can be seen, various types of plants angiosperms have different purposes and appear differently. In some cases they may develop into flowers and in others into fruits or both.

Reproduction takes place via pollination in the springs and when the pollen settles on soil, more types of plants angiosperms grow as a result. They even exist under water and different types of plants angiosperms have produced can be seen anywhere and everywhere. Flowers and fruits are all products of angiosperms of different types and sorts.