Types Of Flowers

What are the different types of flowers? Flowers are very nice. They are beautiful and most are fragrant, too. There are many different types of flowers, really. They are known to be of many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Let’s get to know the many different types of flowers and know how they differ from one another.

The most common types of flowers are the roses. These types of flowers alone have more than 100 different species. They are of different colors such as pink, red, white, blue, orange, yellow, and so on. There are some of these that are big and some small. There are some that are lonesome and some that come out in bunches. The most common rose types of flowers are the Alba. Albas are white rose that are most commonly seen in gardens. The Austin, on the other hand, is a rose that is known to be very fragrant. This is the specie of roses that are mostly used in bouquets and also known as the romantic roses. Bourbons are roses that can be found all over the world. The grand floras, on the other hand, are roses that are small and comes in bunches. Miniature, as the name implies, are small roses that can be planted and grown in pots.

Tulips are some other types of flowers that are very common. They are mostly found in Europe and other cold places such as Atlanta. There are more than 110 different tulip species. Much like the roses, there are also different shapes, sizes and colors of these. The most common tulip types of flowers are the Wild Tulips. As the name implies, these are tulips that can be grown or that grow everywhere. The Fosterianas are tulips that have pointed petals. The Single early tulips, on the other hand, are those that grow in cup shapes. Single late tulips, on the other hand, are also called the Darwin hybrid.

Next, we have the orchids. Orchids are types of flowers that are known all over the world. There are around 30,000 species of orchids all over the world. These are flowers that are also used for food. These are flowers that are mostly seen being used in marriage bouquets as well in social gatherings. The most common orchids are the cattelyas. These are orchids that grow a lot better when they are exposed in sunlight. They are also the ones that are best exposed in natural environment. Miltonias are of very warm to the eyes as they are very fragrant too.

Lastly, we have daisies. These are types of flowers that somehow look like the sun. They are many species of daisies all around the world. The most common types of daisy are the dainty daisy. These flowers grow from the end of the winter season to the start of the summer season. The Clara Curtis daisies are daisies that only grow once a year and characterized by pink petals. We also have the crazy daisy, which is the most famous of all the different species of daisies.