Types Of Plants

What are the different types of plants? Plants do not just make our environment look better – they are very purposeful as well. They clean the air as they can be food that brings us benefits as well. There are many different types of plants. They are divided into different uses as they are of different purposes, too. Here are the main types of plant and a little information so you can get to know them better.

The cacti, or cactus, are types of plants that are mostly seen in hot environments. Given that the environment is dry, they are also well adapted to heat. These are the types of plants that are able to store water in their stems. They use these stored water to ensure that they will get water even in the driest of days. Among all their characteristics, cacti are known for having spines instead of leaves.

Flowers are the types of plants that are usually used for their beauty. They are of many different colors, shapes, and sizes as well. They are known to control their seed creation process. They are also called blooms or blossoms, too. There are many different subtypes of flowers, too. Flowers can be sympetalous, polypetalous, actinomorphic, and zygomorphic. Sympetalous flowres are those that have joint petals. Polypetalous are the opposite of the sympetalous flowers. They are flowers that do not have joint petals. The third types of flowers are actinomorphic. These are type of plants that have radial symmetry. They are made out of identical parts that are placed through an axis. Lastly, the zygomorphic flowers are those that are symmetrical at both sides and there is just one axis present in the center.

Herbs are the types of plants that are commonly used as spices. They can be used in culinary, spiritual, and medicinal uses as well. When it comes to cuisine and the culinary use of herbs, the leaves are the most important parts of the plants. However, when it comes to spiritual and medicinal uses, pretty much the whole part of the plants can be used – may it be leaves, stems, or roots.

Trees are the types of plants that grow big. They are found around the world in pretty much any environmental condition. These are the types of plants that are important in fighting soil erosion. They are also the plants that are responsible of cleaning the oxygen in the air we breathe.

Shrubs and bushes are types of plants that are just usually below 5 meters tall. They are woody plants, which have multiple stems. There are shrubs and bushes that are full of leaves. However, there are some shrubs and bushes that are of the flowery type as well.

Lastly, we have vegetables. Science doesn’t really count them as types of plants. However, recently they are being studied to belong into the group. These are the plants that are used for food. They can be different parts of plants that are consumed. There are vegetables that are grown in bushes as there are some that are root crops as well.