Types Of Wood

What are the different types of wood? Wood is very useful components of building pretty much everything. From the home to the office, you will be able to see many different things that are made out of wood. There are two main categories of wood, hard and soft. Hardwoods are those that come from trees that are flowering while the softwoods are those that come from coniferous trees. There are many different types of wood. Each of these types is meant for a certain purpose, look, and feel as well. The most common types of wood are ash, birch, cedar, fir, hickory, elm, mahogany, maple, cherry, pine, oak, teak, and many others.

Ash is a type of hardwood. They are types of wood that are popular because they are used in making furniture. Given that they are hardwood, they are known to be very hard and strong. They have many different colors as well. There are some of ash woods that are light colored and some are dark. The best part about ash is that they are mostly cheaper compared to other types of hardwood.

Birches are common types of wood that have yellowish brown colors. They are somewhat expensive as they are a very nice type of hardwood. These are also the types of wood that are most commonly used in furniture making. The most distinguishing features of birches are being strong, heavy and hard. Lastly, people love the grain like pattern that birches have.

Cedars are types of wood that, among the softwood, are the most favored. They are lightweight. They are known to have pleasant aromatic smell. This is why cedar woods are mostly used in creating chests and cabinets as well. Cedars are known for many different colors and shades that it brings. It can be red tinged, sometimes brown, and sometimes dark in color. These are known to have great looking grain as well. The best part about the cedars is that they are decay resistance. They are also known to be moderately priced. Therefore, more and more people are into getting their own furniture made out of cedar types of wood.

Fir woods are among the most versatile types of wood. There are also mostly used in making furniture, much like the above mentioned ones. Fir woods can be brown or slightly golden. They are also known to be able to take in certain stains to accentuate them.

Mahogany woods are expensive types of wood. They are of the hardwood classification as well. Most of the time, these are the woods that can be used in boat making, but they are also used in creating furniture. These mahoganies can be of different colors as well. Mahoganies can be of dark brown colors as they can also be of medium brown colors. The feature that most people love about it is that they have awesome distinct patterns on the grains that look perfect on furniture of all kinds. Also, the wood is known to be very durable as they are also versatile and warp resistant.