Types Of Hardwood

What are the different types of hardwood? Hardwood is defined as wood that are from angiosperm trees. Their main characteristics include being the hardest among the other types of wood. Most of the time, the hardwoods are broad leveled. They are also deciduous and in some areas, evergreen. There are five main types of hardwood. These five main types of hardwood are alder, ash, beech, and cherry. Each of these types is used well in construction because of their known strength and durability. Although each of these type are different in more ways than one.

Alder is the most common among the types of hardwood. They are also known as the western alder. The colors of these types of hardwood are usually yellow to brown to red brown. They are among the softest of the five types. They are also the ones with straight grains and even texture. This is why these types are used mainly in furniture. The brands Fender and Jackson are well known companies that use alder to create the bases of their products – electric guitars.

Ashes are types of hardwood that are light colored. They can also be darker, somewhat olive brown when it comes to color. These are very versatile woods. The ashes are also known because they are very elastic. When you say elastic which pertains to wood, it means that they are able to be bent without being damaged. They can be sued to make cartwheels because they are very durable and pliable as well. These are also used to make sticks that help in walking.

The next types of hardwood are versatile ones as well. These are called beech. The beech hardwoods are those that are used in parquet flooring as well as railway sleepers. They are not used that much as decorations. The main reason behind this is because they are very stiff. This is why they are mostly used as furniture, frames, and even when it comes to construction.

The fourth types of hardwood are those that are mostly used in smoking pipes. These types of hardwood are called cherry. Cherry hardwoods are those that are included in the group of woods and construction materials that are used to drive out diseases. This is sanctioned by the BHIP.

Lastly, we have the elm. The elm types of hardwood are those that are values because of their grain that are interlocking. This only means that the grains are more resistant to many things. These are the types of wood that are resistant in splitting. They are then used in wheel making as they are very durable and strong. They are also known to be used in ship building. However, these hardwoods are now being controlled because during the 20th century, there was a disease called Dutch elm. This disease devastated many, many stocks of this type of wood. Therefore, they almost became extinct. This is why they are now protected. However, do not worry because you can still find a considerable number of people or sources of the elm hardwood that you can use for your home.