Types Of Wood Tables

Wood tables can look quite beautiful and give your rooms an elegant touch and the best part is that there are different types of wood tables which are made of different types of woods. While some of these are made purely for decorative purposes, others can be used for dinners, lunches and such like though that depends upon the quality of the wood used to make the table in the first place. Some woods are stronger than others and can take the weight of dishes that are heavy while others cannot. Hardwood tables generally can take the weight of such items while softwood is better for decoration.

One of the many types of wood tables is the mahogany wood table. These have a beautiful color and are quite sturdy. You can keep heavy dishes on these types of table and what’s more is that apart from using them for dinner or lunches, they make your rooms look elegant. Mahogany wood tables also give your room that touch of class. They are actually quite expensive and are resistant to decay. These are also long-lasting and are one of those types of wood tables that would look good with any color or quality of chairs that you use to surround them with. Mahogany is also one of the ‘superior’ woods as opposed to some others.

Another of the many types of wood tables is made of fir. Though these tables are not as resistant to wood decay they are definitely durable and are also resistant to humidity and moisture which means you don’t have to worry about cracks or decay with the change in temperature every now and then. However, these may not be used as dining tables too often because they are light and you would be better off using these types of wood tables as coffee tables instead.

Sometimes you may want to just lounge around or sit near a table in the summers and write or keep your laptop on them and you even want them to make your room look good. For that you could use one of those types of wood tables that are made of softwood. These types of wood tables are great if you want to rest your feet on them, keep your books on them or to make your lounge feel more ‘homely and cozy’ but they cannot be used for dining purposes either. These are different from other types of wood tables that are known as hardwood tables.

Hardwood tables are those types of wood tables that are resistant to weight and weather conditions. Mahogany tables are hardwood tables. The shine of these types of wood tables is quite prominent and usually it is because of the finish they are given by carpenters that you can see the shine. Finishing is important because without finishing hardwood would not be moisture resistant and could rot easily as well. Plus it is the finishing due to which these types of wood tables look elegant and attractive and they give your rooms a similar feel too.