Types Of Wood Stain

There are various types of wood stain that can be used in order to stain wood. Wood stains are mainly used to decorate wood and to apply certain patterns on to the wood so that these can be decorate and/or used for various purposes. Some wood stains are used in order to decorate wood for tables which other times they may be used to make bed side tables that are attractive and unique. Each of the many types of wood stain has its own advantage but there are mostly three types of wood stain that people go for nowadays.

Oil based wood stains are one of the various types of wood stain and the advantage of these types of wood stain is that they do not dry easily. This makes it easier to work with them but do remember that the vapors are very dangerous so it would be preferable that you do the woodwork in a well-ventilated area or preferably in an open area. These types of wood stain are highly flammable and can easily catch on fire. Do not let these fall on carpets or on any object near you because this wood stain is highly flammable.

Then there is water base wood stain which is an excellent alternative for the oil based wood stains because of the fact that they do not burn easily and you can work on these without having to worry about the vapors. These types of wood stain have one disadvantage- they are difficult to work with since they dry easily. Apart from this the grains of the wood can rise easily and as a result the surface of the wood becomes rough and grainy. Though safer, these types of wood stain are not easy to work with at all.

Gel stains are another of the various types of wood stain which not many are aware of but these are quite useful in their own way. These are like thick paste and do not penetrate the wood unlike the water based wood stains. They are safe to use as well and these are generally easier to work with too. When using these types of wood stain keep in mind the fact that you are actually painting the wood with the stain and the leaving it to dry. So you are actually ‘coating’ the wood with such types of wood stain instead of letting it penetrate as would be the case in the first two types of stains.

These are the three types of wood stain that are used widely and most people go for oil based wood stains. Water stains are not very easy to work with and it may be a tedious process to work with water stains because of which preference is given to oil based wood stain. Though flammable, it is the easiest to work with, does not affect the grain of the wood and it can be worked with if you are willing to work in the outdoors or are working in well-ventilated area.