Types Of Wood Plywood

Are you looking to find out the different types of wood plywood available for different applications? Then there are loads of plywood options available for you. Each of them has its own use, advantages, and disadvantages. When people hear the word plywood, their only interest is on CDX but plywood is a generic term used when referring to different types of wood used for different construction, including CDX VC, and MDF. The following are the different types of wood plywood used for the construction of different types of buildings.

Hardwood plywood

These types of wood plywood are creep resistant, very stiff, and have excellent strength. They have high impact resistance and planar shear strength. They are the ideal source for strong and durable wood constructions.

Tropical plywood

They are made of different tropical plywood species. These types of wood plywood originated from Asia but are now commonly manufactured in South American and African countries. They are highly regarded and rated more than the softwood plywood due to their high quality, evenness of layers, strength, and density. They are commonly used in Dubai, Korea, Taiwan, United States, UK, and many other countries in the world. The high demand of plywood has led to the deforestation of several forest zones including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines.

Aircraft plywood

They are made of birch or/and mahogany with adhesives to increase resistance to humidity and heat. It was predominantly used fro the construction of several aircraft during the Second World War.

The structural plywood type is more commonly produced from American or African birch veneers that are merged together. Another good example of these types of wood plywood is basswood, which is more flexible and lighter than birch or mahogany plywood but have less structural strength.

Decorative plywood

These types of wood plywood are always mixed with hardwood, including Philippine mahogany, maple, birch, red oak, ash, teak, rose teak, and a host of other types of hardwood. In most cases, other materials such as resin-impregnated paper, metal, and Formica are included in the plywood to make it ready for decorative use.

Flexible plywood

As the name implies, it is the most flexible of all types of wood plywood. This is why it’s more ideal for the construction of curved parts. They are sometimes referred to as “Hatters Ply” in the UK and were usually utilized in making stovepipe hats at the Victorian period. Because of its extreme flexibility, it is often called “Bendy Ply”.

Marine plywood

These types of wood plywood are produced from core veneers and durable face. They are resistant to fungal attacks and perform longer in wet and humid conditions. The construction of marine plywood is done in a way that it will be suitable for long use in moisture environment. This is why they are most commonly used in the construction of boats and ships.

In recent times, the tropical regions are the most accepted production region of these types of wood plywood. The Okoumé region in Gabon is the most popular production place of marine plywood, though their wood does not stand too much heat for a long period of time.

There are other types of wood plywood, including pressure treated plywood, sign grade plywood, moisture resistant plywood, and fire-retardant plywood.