Types Of Wood Materials

If you are considering doing some construction work or any other woodcraft projects for your house, you will find out that there is a variety of types of wood materials to choose from, especially if you want to do it by yourself. Among the various types of wood materials, you have to decide which one is best for your case depending on the kind of project that you have in mind. Some types of wood materials are more suitable than others for building construction, while others have less or more limitations in furniture making. Each type of wood has its unique characteristics, beauty and strength. that is to be combined of course with your refined taste. Thus, before getting involved with such a task, you need to consider various factors: for example the strength, the cost, the availability, the color, the stability, and the hardness of the wood material you will choose. Below is a list with the most common types of wood materials available in the market:

Lumber for most projects can be classified in three basic categories:

a) softwood,

b) hardwood and

c) manufactured panels such as plywood

Softwood lumber originates from evergreen or cone-bearing trees. If you are a beginner woodworker, it is preferable to use softwood materials, which are soft and easy to work with, so that you won’t need expensive tools to get good results. The most commonly used varieties for home constructions are cedar, cypress, fir, hemlock, pine, redwood and spruce. In general, softwoods have a yellow or reddish color and are less expensive than hardwoods. Cedar and redwood are excellent choices for outdoor projects, for closets or other wall coverings because of their resistance to moisture. Pinewood is a reliable choice for cabinetry and woodworking projects because it is relatively soft and suits for carving. Fir and spruce are mostly used for building and furniture-making (for example fences, doors, frames etc). Cypress is very resistant to wet conditions and can easily be used for outdoor furnishings, docks or decks, while hemlock (which is full of knots and has low resistance to decay) is usually used for doors, boards, crates and sub flooring.

On the other hand, hardwoods lumber comes from deciduous trees, meaning the trees that lose their leaves seasonally. They are very unique and you can find a variety of colors, textures and grain patterns. But they have a huge drawback: they are extremely expensive. The most popular types are oak, maple, cherry, birch, walnut, ash, mahogany, walnut and poplar. Each one of them has its own properties, so make sure to research the wood materials before selecting the most suitable for your project. Also, check out their price and availability in the market before purchasing them.

Your third option is composite lumber or synthetic choices such as recycled rubber, plastic and vinyl.

Your options are indeed numerous. The types of wood materials are plenty and the final choice is completely up to you. Just keep one thing in mind: the decoration and the beauty of your house is something that you will enjoy for many years to come.