Types Of Wood Kitchen Cabinets

There are different types of wood kitchen cabinets which largely depend on the type of wood used in making the cabinet. The material composition of your cabinet largely determines its durability and fineness. To help you maintain a good balance between structural support and style, the following is a list of the wood materials used in making different types of wood kitchen cabinets. The moisture content in woods means that they can easily warp which makes it necessary for them to be properly finished before taken out from the factory. To prevent wood warping, woods need to be finished as quickly as possible. The following are the kinds of woods made into different types of wood kitchen cabinets.

Red oak kitchen cabinets

The types of wood kitchen cabinets made of red oak are inexpensive, durable, and strong. They are largely available in different finishes and styles and are frequently used in traditional style cabinets. The red oak is used in the production of stock, semi-customized, and customized cabinets.

White oak

White oaks are stronger than the red oaks and are equally durable. They have more golden tones and are often made for custom cabinets.

Maple cabinets

These types of wood kitchen cabinets have light color with fine grain. They are usually less dense than the oak but more expensive. Maples are very popular for the construction of custom and semicustom cabinets. Though they might be stained, maples are always dressed with a natural or clear finish to achieve a contemporary and light look.


Hickories are similar in strength and grain pattern like oaks but they are lighter. These types of wood kitchen cabinets are creamy with pale yellow stains. Just like maples, they have blond tones that are complemented with natural or clear finish. Hickories are not always used for semicustom and custom cabinetry.


Cabinets made of cherries are one of the hardest of all types of wood kitchen cabinets. They are formal and elegant when used for some traditional styles. Cherry cabinets are durable and can withstand marring and knock. Their versatility means that they can be used for different types of contemporary designs. As they grow older, they becomes darker, making them have a uniformity of color stains.


These types of wood kitchen cabinets are darker than maples but are fine grained and durable. They are inexpensive wood choices for making inexpensive cabinets. But one disadvantage with these types of wood kitchen cabinets is their irregular coloring.


They have the same durability and strength features as oak but are more pronounced and have lighter color. When given a natural or clear finish, they take a contemporary character. Ash wood kitchen cabinets are less available in semicustom modes but more frequently used for custom designs.

Knotty pine cabinets

Cabinets made of pines are the most common types of wood kitchen cabinets. They are pale yellow and traditionally dent easier than hardwoods. Most pines can be in either Western white pine or Eastern white pine. They are most commonly found in semicustom designs.