Types Of Wood Glue

The different types of wood glue are used in keeping your pieces of working woods together. Your carpentry and woodworking project will be in jeopardy if you can’t find the right glue that will help you keep the disjointed parts together. As an artisan or a craftsman, knowing the ideal glue that is suitable for your woodworking project is paramount to a successful wood work. The following are the different types of wood glue that are available.

Polyvinyl Acetate

These types of wood glue have graced the woodworking and carpentry industry for several years now. They are not commonly known as polyvinyl but if you have come across white glue then you have certainly seen it. It is most commonly referred to as white glue and is very effective in joining pieces of wood together. It is ideal for many projects because of its water soluble and strong binding features. They are most suitable used in smaller projects during cooler temperatures where they don’t soften too much. Its cleaning and removal is equally not difficult because water and soap is just enough.

Hide Glue

These types of wood glue equally have a very long history in the woodworking industry. As its name implies, it’s made from bones, hides, and hooves of animals, especially cattle. Due to the emergence and increased use of other types of wood glue, the use of hide glue has diminished over the years. But its importance in repairing furniture is still noted. When using the hide glue, you have to wait for about 25 minutes before it finally settles in.

Casein Glue

They are very strong, durable, and water resistant, nut it doesn’t mean they are waterproof. The water resistant quality makes these types of wood glue the most effective choice when gluing oily woods such as rosewood or teak. However, one of the most notable drawback of the casein glue is that it’s only available in powder form, which means you have to take your time to mix it properly before applying it.


These are basically used for the repairs of wood that need additional adhesive strength. They are the most suitable types of wood glue used on wood boats and other outdoor furniture made of wood. Resorcinol is prepared by mixing liquid and powder which usually leaves a dark coated line after its use. Unlike other types of wood glue, its removal can be very difficult when it has hardened.

Acrylic Glue

They are the most efficient of all types of wood glue. Acrylic glue is not just water resistant but also waterproof and used mostly or outdoor furniture. Its preparation requires mixing paste with liquid or powder with liquid. They do not take time to harden and can be remove using nail polish.


They are available either in a can or in a tube. When using the can form, it is important to use a tiny piece of wood to help you easily take out the glue from the can. These types of wood glue are more commonly used in wood models and are ideal for gluing smaller pieces of woods together.