Types Of Wood Flooring

Learn about Types Of Wood Flooring. At all types of wood flooring we usually meet ‘substrate’ that can be filling of ground, or a concrete floor boards, etc., and ‘wear layer’, which is in direct contact with the effort that is transmitted on the floor.

By the way floor area is distinguished in many types of wood flooring: floor with joints and floor coverings continue.

Floors with joints are made of parts of various shapes and sizes (plates, blocks, etc.), placed next to each other, the upper face at the same level, separated by joints. Floors with joints have the advantage that it may be removed easily in case if that should be replaced or repaired.

The disadvantage of these types of wood floor lies in the fact that, in an incorrect execution, the infiltrated water between joints will maintain moisture.

The next types of wood flooring is the continuous floors .The continuous floors are those in which the material in the wear layer is poured in the field continuously, without joints, for the entire area of genuine hardwood floor against. These types of wood flooring are executed frequently in rooms with excess water or repeated washings advertising surface, ex: bath, the kitchen, laundry, hall, stairs and floors, etc. These types of wood flooring have the disadvantage that they may be removed to be re-used.

All of types of wood flooring are composed of pieces of wood (boards, planks, parquet, etc.). Placed next to each other, closer to not have open joints

The most common types of wood flooring used for flooring wear layer boards, parquet, chipboard (PAL) and rarely fiberboard (hardboard).

Wooden floors are considered ‘warm’, being at the same time quite cheap, flexible and can be fitted and removed easily. Disadvantages for these types of wood flooring are the following: have joints that open more and more by the drying of wood; require maintenance continued to protect wood of moisture, decay and some bad mushrooms.

The solid wood isolated thermally very well, but the laminate is cheaper and easier to be fitted. Lately, the laminate or the triple laminated gains more and more land in consumer preferences. But classic parquet of solid wood still has his followers.

The laminate is formed by the rule of four layers: layer of aluminum oxide, sawdust pressed melamine (decor) and protective foil. The pageant is 100a of wood, usually consisting of two layers with essence of Brad, and the third, in particular, oak, beech, etc.

In general, the wood is durable over time, requiring occasionally a floor scraping and applying a coat of finish to refresh the look. Wooden floors do not retain dust, and molds, so are easy to clean.

Laminated is a good and modern alternative to the hardwood flooring. Is cheap because it is made up of conglomerates woody (sawdust) and easier to install because of prefinisarii. In addition, because it is made up of several layers, the laminated floor doesn’t have specific problems of dimensional stability, existing prosecutor’s office in the case of solid wood.