Types Of Wood Drill Bits

There can be several types of wood drill bits depending on their functionality and features. Below given are some of the commonly used types of wood drill bits.

Braded point bits:

There are three major types of wood drill bits and braded point bits are one among those. One can identify these bits on the basis of their structure. The tip region of these bits has one small point. These bits are sued for cutting clean, sharp and straight cracks. All kinds of wood can be cut using these bits. These are available into large variety of shapes, sizes and the lengths.

Paddled bits:

These bits are used for making large holes. The pointed tip of this bit includes the structure of paddle that helps in making large holes. The size of the bit gets imprinted on the face of paddle.

Auger drilled bits:

One can use these types of wood drill bits if the actual requirement is to produce precise, deep and large holes. These can be resharpened time to time.

Masonry drilled bits:

Several masonry or stonework surfaces can be cut using these bits. There is one shaft spiraled till the top of the bit. This shaft rotates rapidly to produce accurate and large holes. These types of wood drill bits can come up with several colors depending on the material that can be cut from the bit. The color of tip can vary from the color of shaft attached.

Metal drilled bits:

These can also be called as HSS. HSS stands for high speed steel that provides rapid circulations of the shaft. Among all other types of wood drill bits these bits can be little expensive. On the other side, these are most effective.

Storing drilled bits:

If the drilling need of an individual is large then this drilled bit can be the most suitable choice. This type of wood drill bits consists of bunch of bits that vary on the basis of color, size, sharpness, and functionality. These bits come into the sets.

SDS wood drill bits:

These bits are the best choice for special tasks that include only the drilling. The mechanism included into these bits follow the SDS chuck functioning. Thus, these bits have become best choice for those who need only one type of bit for the recurring use.

Countersink wood drill bits:

Many times, drilling involves creating the holes for screws. Countersink drill bits create the holes that can fit all types and sizes of the screws. Wood splitting can be avoided using these types of wood drill bits.

Glass and tile wood drill bits:

These bits are specially produced for cutting the floor or a glass. These can also useful for the drilling purpose.

Hole cutting wood drill bits:

These are highly flexible and functional in case of cutting a sharp and perfect hole. The shaft included in this tool possesses high power to cut any kind of stone as well as the glass. These are helpful for making the holes on walls. These bits prevent the wall from cracking when an individual attempts to create the hole using this tool.