Types Of Wood Chairs

In this article you will find some information about the types of wood chairs. The chairs are very useful thing in everyday life, so it might be interesting for you to know about the types of wood chairs. This information may help you in everyday life.

There are wood chairs of different sizes and shapes. Chairs have been designed for suiting many purposes of people, for example: for kitchen, bars, living room and so on. In this article you will find information about five types of wood chairs: folding armchair, rocker, Adirondack, Glastonbury and Lounger.

Folding armchair

This is one of the types of patio wood chairs. They are designed for outside use, for example: in the garden, with pond and so on. You can easily from such chairs with comfortable outdoor pillows. Folding armchair is not heavy, so it is easy to transport.

Rocking Chair

The rocking chair was created in America in the 18thcentury; there is no information about its creator. The name of this chair already has told you about its function. This type of wood chair is great for relaxing. Rocking chairs are mostly used outdoors. The structure of the rocking chair: there are 2 curved boards under the legs of the chair, because of such structure sitter can easily rock back and forth. This chair is structured so, that it will change its position itself when a person will sit no it. This type of wood chair is comfortable for anyone and especially for moms with their babies.

Adirondack Chair

The name of this type of wood chair tells you about where it was created. The Adirondack chair was created in the mountains called Adirondack in the 20th century. It is also called Muskoka. The structure of Adirondack chair: is made with eleven pieces of wood.They are designed to be low to the ground for comfort. It has straight back slants, which are made out with seven vertical boards. Straight backs are characteristic for original Adirondack chairs, modern Adirondack chairs are characterized with round backs. It is flat, very comfortable and it is for outdoor use.

Glastonbury Chair

A Glastonbury chair is the oldest one. It is an old folding chair. This type of wood chair was created in England in the 15th century and some people are speaking, that its design came from Rome. Structure of Glastonbury chair: it is made of oak, usually has an ornate cushion that pads the back and the bottom of the chair. It is easy to transport or store Glastonbury chair.


This type of wood chair is great in sunny days for outdoor use. An adjustable back is characteristic for Lounger chair. You can comfortably lie down on a lounger and catch the sun.

As you see from this information, there are different types of wood chairs, they have different histories of creation, different structures, design and function. If you are looking for an outdoor comfort, you should think about what do you want for your outdoor comfort and then choose the type of wood chair, that fits your needs.