Types Of Wood Burning Stoves

There are various types of wood burning stoves, which were invented before technology had developed enough to produce gas. They are still used in various parts of the world, and Italy has the biggest market for various types of wood burning stoves because it has almost thirty percent of all homes that use wood for some sort of heating purposes. ‘TypesOf.com’ brings you various types of wood burning stoves that have been invented and that have evolved over the years.

* Franklin stove: It was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1791 and is one of the more efficient types of wood burning stoves around. It has a hollow baffle near the end, which enables more heat transfer from the fire to the room’s air. It also relies on an inverted siphon, which is supposed to draw the fire’s fumes towards the baffle. The intention behind the invention of the Franklin stove was to produce more heat and less smoke than a conventional fireplace. It has also been called a Pennsylvanian fireplace and a circulating stove.

* Downdraft stove: This stove tends to bring the exhaust fumes and the smoke down through the load that is burning, in order to extort as much heat as possible from the gasses that are present in the wood. Such types of wood burning stoves are also referred to as crossdraft stoves and base burning stoves. The Downdraft stove has been around for a few centuries now, and it achieved what Benjamin Franklin’s stove had aimed to do, more efficiently. It was patented in 1869 and works on a well developed base burning model.

* Fireplace insert: The fireplace insert is also known to have been invented in 1869. It is actually a device that can be inserted into existing fireplaces, which are masonary or prefabricated wooden in nature. The idea of a fireplace insert involves the use of coke, which is a fine sized coal particle, and an electric blower to improve the efficiency of an already existing fireplace. This fireplace insert can convert a fireplace meant to burn wood to a wood burning stove. It also reduces the amount of smoke and exhaust produced and its insertion requires lesser wood as compared to the use of traditional fireplaces.

* Boiler stove: This is one of the types of wood burning stoves that provide hot water along with space heating. The structure of this stove is based upon an optional insert of a backboiler to the existing firebox, or a water jacket which can be wrapped around the firebox. It is up to the user on which aforementioned method he wants to use for space and water heating. However, the above two forms of boiler stove are to be used on the basis of how much output is required when it comes to space and water heating.

Thus, these were a few of the types of wood burning stoves that were used, and are still being used in many places all over the world.