Types Of Wood Bats

Usually when we see players play with wood bats it never strikes us that these guys use various types of wood bats. The quality of every type of wood bat varies and helps play a good or bad game which is eventually dependent upon how strong the wood that the bat is made of is. Naturally these bats are made of different types of wood and their strength would vary. How hard you can hit a ball with a bat would depend upon whether or not the bat can take the strength and speed of the ball as well.

Maple bats are one the various types of wood bats that players play with. It is expensive but sturdy and durable. However, even maple bats are made of different types of maple and you need to ensure that they are made of sugar maple which is also referred to as hard maple. As the name suggests, hard maple is hard and strong which is what you need when it comes to using any of the many types of wood bats that are available to you today. As opposed to hard maple there is soft maple and bats made of such wood can and do break easily.

Bamboo is one of those types of wood bats that if you look at them you may not expect them to be too strong but it is actually one of the strongest materials where bats are concerned. These bats can really take a hit and the best part about these types of wood bats is that they do not crack or splinter easily so you need not worry about having to tape them after a match is over. This also makes these types of wood bats durable and long-lasting as well.

Hickory bats are also one of the many types of wood bats and these, too, are durable, steady and long-lasting but there’s one problem with them and that is that they are quite heavy and so not just anyone can lift them to hit the ball. New methods to make bats with this type of wood are being researched and perhaps, reducing the amount of moisture in the wood prior to manufacturing the bat would make this possible. This way the weight could be reduced and you would have one of the toughest and hardest types of wood bats though it is also likely to be expensive because the higher the quality of the wood used to make the bat, the more expensive the bat is likely to be.

A bat that breaks easily is more likely to have been made out of cheap would or synthetic products and these do not have the texture or the quality required to play at matches but usually you will see these types of wood bats being made and/or bought by parents for children because they are light and can be used to play with plastic balls. These are some of the more popular types of wood bats.