Types Of Wood Art

Wood is used in making different modern and traditional types of wood art as it is an excellent artistic medium. Wood can be utilized in different forms, including marquetry, wood burning, chip carving, craft, and sculpture. Wood provides complexity, beauty, and fascination in the grain that is usually portrayed when it is painted. Artists make use of wood to produce different types of wood art because it is in abundant supply and usually less expensive compared to other types of materials. Wood is equally used by carpenters for the creation of a lot of useful items such as musical instruments, furniture, and cabinets. They are equally easier to shape into different types of wood art compared to other harder substances, but the artist must be well skilled in carving to create the best pieces. However, they are not as durable as some other materials like metals and bronze because they can be pretentious to fire, insect invasion, rot, and water.

There are some common woods used in making different types of wood art. These include:

*Ochroma (Balsa): This is typically a hardwood but is not so very hard and can be shaped easily. It’s most basic use is in the construction of model airplanes.

* Basswood: equally called linden or lime, it is a hardwood but also soft and can be easily shaped.

* Elm: This type of hardwood is very popular for its intertwining and twisting features.

* Quercus (Oak): This type of wood is usually hard, dense and shows medullary rays and distinctive pores. They are used in making different types of wood art, including sculptures and wall art.

* Juglans (Walnut): This is basically tight grained, hard and dark, and used in making wood paneling and fine furniture. When finished, they are usually more expansive than other types of wood art.

Softwoods are also utilized in making wood art. Some artists even prefer softwoods because they are easily carved and shaped. But they are not as durable as hardwoods because of their vulnerability to insect attacks. The following are some of the most popular softwoods used in making different types of wood art:

* Fir: these types of woods are usually very soft and appear white in color

*Cedar: These are harder than fir but can also be easily carved

Spruce: They are frequently used in the aviation industry and the creation of soundboards for musical instrument.

* Pine: These are increasingly becoming very popular because of their relevance in the paper pulp industry.

There are two groups of people that make use of wood for carving and reshaping: artists and carpenters. Artists are more concerned in creative use of woods to produce carvings for decoration and beatification. Their major use of wood is in the creation of sculptures. However, carpenters have a wide range of things they can make out of wood and there is no place you won’t find items constructed with wood. When making decorations in our homes, there are lots of items that should be particularly made of wood rather than iron. Though iron has better durable features, wood is more flexible and cannot rust easily.