Types Of Windows In Homes

House owners have the option to select different types of windows in homes. Traditionally single sided windows and sliding sash windows were the most common findings in every house. However, availability of technology and new mechanisms has opened up the creative side of designers to come up with new variants that are attractive and more functional in terms of usability. It is necessary to choose the right design and type of window for a specific home that would meet both the interior and the exterior appearance. Continue to read ahead as we provide information related to different types of windows.

1. Casement windows

Casement types of windows in homes are the most common window type that we often come across different household units. This specific type consists of one or more opening Casement. There of unhinge belong to one side or hung to one side. The division of the window depends upon the style and the requirement of the user. There is a possibility to select a symmetrical version of the Casement or opt for a designer division that is attractive. Casement windows are made up wood, metal and vinyl.

2. Double hung windows

Double hung types of windows in homes have a distinctive and traditional design. Double – hung windows utilizes to vertically sliding sashes. It is necessary for a house owner to check for the local building code before replacing their existing window type with a double hung window. They are often subject to emergency escape and energy regulations. Modern double hung windows are made up of metal or vinyl material. New designs also pose a specific tilting angle of the two vertically sashes for easy cleaning and maintenance. People working with historic buildings also should approach the local building code department before carrying out maintenance or replacement.

3. Custom Casement screened window

Custom Casement types of windows in homes are built according to the requirement of the user. Every individual has his or her own taste and wish to adopt the same based upon the interior of a room. Users who opt for such a window type have the options to select from special glass, screens, designs, and the number of divisions, additional features and material. The screen fabric present to the window rolls down and the door of the window sphinx out to the side.

4. Awning windows

Awning types of windows in homes offer a simple and elegant design to the entire room. Butt hinges provide the single sash to swing open on a specific direction. It is necessary to consider the degree to which the awning window can open. It is also important to watch out for the direction to which the window swings open. It contains a single sash and hence users should consider it as an additional a window in a specific room or based upon the area of the room. Users have to take care of the replacement process and carry out maintenance activities from time to time to ensure proper appearance and functioning.