Types Of Windows

What are the different types of windows? Windows are technically defined simply as wall openings. They allow air and or light through them. They are also passage ways of wind and sound. They can be open or sealed. They can be covered or not. The thing is that there are many different types of windows that one can choose to incorporate in his home. Among the many, many types of windows are the fixed windows, double hung windows, casement windows, jalousies, awning windows, paladian, clerestory windows, elliptical windows, and many more.

The fixed types of windows are windows that cannot be opened. These are usually the very big windows that are sealed shut. However, it allows light to pass through it as they are mostly made out of glass. Good examples of fixed windows are the ones you see in churches – the stained glass windows. Like the stained glass windows, fixed types of windows can be of many colors. It will be up to you to decide which colors you would want for your home. Another one of the fixed types of windows are those that are just openings. They are merely just a whole in the wall.

The double hung types of windows are those that are very common in houses. These are best seen in period designed and themed homes. As the name implies, these are windows where there are two sashes. These sashes are moveable. They can be moved either up or down. In these types of windows, only half of the entire windows can be opened at one time.

Casement types of windows are those that are hinged vertically. They can swing in many ways, most commonly in and out. They are like doors as they are operated with a crank. Also, these types of windows can be made out of many different materials. They can be made out of glass that is framed by metal. They can also be wood all over. Whatever your home design will be, there is surely a space for casement types of windows. Awning windows, on the other hand, are windows much similar to the casement types. However, the awning windows are hinged horizontally rather than vertically.

The jalousies are windows that are placed horizontally. They are basically strips of narrow glass. They can be opened by using a crank that can be lowered. Among all the window types, these are the ones that are most commonly seen in classrooms or kitchen windows.

As the name implies, sliding windows are windows that are, well, sliding. They are attached to a certain track that can be moved either up or down or sideways. Clerestory windows are those that are normally seen in homes of craftsmen. They are basically strips of small panes that are horizontally set high on the walls. Paladian windows are those that are consisted of three parts. There is an arch in the center and surrounding it are the three window parts. Just this decade, more and more people have added paladian windows in their homes as they are very elegant and sophisticated.