Types Of Windows Glass

Glass windows have come a long way since their incarnation in the 1950s and there are many types of windows glass available in the market now which gives the customer good options to choose as per his need and pocket. The range of the various types of windows glass are designed keeping in mind the various purposes like the domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. The glass requirement varies depending upon the environment. Residential buildings will use different type of glass as opposed to an industry or a corporate office.

Windows glass serve a number of purposes ranging from increasing the visual and aesthetic appeal to other important things like controlling heat-penetration and regulating the entrance of light. Coloured glass is an emerging trend that adds a new dimension to the interiors. It is durable and easy to maintain as opposed to other type of windows. The best part about glass windows is that they will never get out-dated.

TypesOf.com” brings to you various types of windows glass. Most commonly used window glass is the float or sheet glass. This is easy to work with, cost-effective and has been used in traditional house window but is not energy-efficient. Annealed glass is a type of sheet glass in which sheet glass is annealed slowly and goes through some other processes. However, this glass type is not widely used. Tempered glass is a kind of safety glass that is usually used in car windows so that it can be broken in case of an emergency or crisis situation. Laminated glass is another example of safety glass and is used in similar manner.

Another of many types of windows glass is the reflective glass. This is float glass that has a metallic coating on the top. This coating helps control radiations. It is considered ideal for rooms effected by sunlight and is known to enhance the efficiency of the air-conditioners. The only limitation is that windows with this glass type can need blinds at night. Low E-glasses also works well with windows and is one of the most preferred types from among the many types of windows glass. Fire-resistant glass is used in some windows at places which require glasses resistant to flame and heat.

Tinted glass is also used commonly used in home windows. It controls and cuts down the excessive heat of the sun. But this variety does not work well on cloudy or rainy days as it obstructs most of the light. Bathroom windows make use of patterned glass. The requirement in bathrooms is of course different from that of the other parts of home. Patterned glass works well because of privacy reasons. The patterned glass window has a pattern on one side of it so as to prevent someone from outside to view inside the washroom.

Thus, the above types of window glasses can be chosen as per the need and convenience of the user. Each has a unique property to it and works well in different places. Therefore, it is important to make a careful choice to make the most of it.