Types Of Windows For Houses

What are the Types Of Windows For Houses? Whether you are planning to build a house or changing the types of windows for your house, it is best to know the types of windows for houses that are available and suit your needs and preferences.Windows actually play a part in beautifying houses and not only that but also they can contribute to your well-being taking into consideration the ventilation they provide for everyone in the house.

In this article let us discuss the types of windows for houses to help you choose the appropriate type for your house.

Arched or Elliptical-These types of windows for houses are usually set above fixed or double hung windows in the new houses today.

Clerestory-These types of windows for houses are ordinarily seen in the craftsman houses. They are commonly placed high on most walls. They are structured consisting of strips of horizontal panes which are usually small.

Picture- These windows are quite present in ranch-style houses. They are fixed windows that are usually large which make it quite possible for the views outside to be seen inside the house without any obstruction.These give the house some sense of luxury and richness. These bring good lighting in dark rooms and hallways especially when they are installed high on most walls.These are also referred to as fixed windows and since they are fixed, there is no ventilation, so these should be placed where ventilation is not quite needed.

Paladian-These types of windows for houses consist of three windows grouped together having an arch set above the center.Many preferred these types of windows in the previous decade because of their visual effect on the house.

Sliding- These types of windows for houses are considered inexpensive since they are quite common. They have tracks on top as well as bottom on which they move.

Jalousie-Referred to as louvers as well, these windows were favored by many in the mid part of the century. They are made of glass structured into narrow strips which are set horizontally with metal clips and can be closed and opened altogether. These are very affordable and perfect for sun room, lounge and bedrooms.

Awning- These types of windows for houses are great in providing privacy such as in bedrooms.These windows come in the form of glass sheets that somewhat resemble casement windows only they can be horizontally hinged to swing up or down and slightly opened for ventilation.

Casement-These types of windows for houses are very common and are vertically hinged to swing in or out which resembles that of a door and has a crank, handle set on the sash or push bar set on their frames used for operating them.

Double Hung-These types of windows for houses are very common. These windows have two sashes which can be moved up or down. The sashes can be opened only one after the other.

Skylights- Also referred to as roof windows, they are fixed with either a flat pitch, ridge, vaulted,dome or pyramid design.