Types Of Vehicles Cars

The types of vehicles cars can be classified into 5. Of course, each of these types of vehicles cars are able to offer you many different things and features that you will surely be able to make good use of. No matter what the types of vehicles cars you may have, it still is a very important that you are able to maintain them well so that they will not fail you no matter what.

Subcompact types of vehicles cars are those that have the weight of 2500 lbs. or less. They are the ones that are considered to be light passenger vehicles because of their size and overall weight. As for their size, they are, well subcompact. This means that they can be really short and small too and this means that huge people cannot be very comfortable to ride them. The length of these types of vehicles cars can get to a maximum 99 cubic feet. Examples of subcompact types of vehicles cars are the Chevrolet Spark as well as the Smart Fortwo.

The Chevrolet Cruze and the Ford Focus are examples of the compact types of vehicles cars. Basically, these types of vehicles cars are those that weigh up to 2,999 lbs. They also most often have four doors and can seat at least 4 people. The length of these compact types of vehicles cars can reach only up to 109 cubic feet.

Mid-sized types of vehicles cars are those that can ride at least 5 passengers. There are some of these that are four doors and there are some that have two. However, the length of these cars can reach up to 119 cubic feet. The overall weight of these types of cars can be reach up to 3,499 lbs. The most common example of these mid-sized cars includes the Honda Accord, Fiat Croma, and the Open Omega.

The full size cars are those that are long. They are known to be, at maximum, 120 cubic feet and weight roughly up to 3,500 lbs. Being full sized, these are the cars that can fit at least 7 people comfortably. This is why the people who use these kinds of cars are the ones who have their own families. Among all the different types, this is the one that is already extinct. No one knew the real reason why maybe it was just because there have been many innovations in the automobile world.

Lastly we have station wagons. These are the cars that can seat at least 7 people too. They are known for their extended trunk that will let it accommodate baggage and other kinds of gear the people who ride it wants to bring. This is why there are many people who love these station wagons. They know aside from the fact that they can share it with people they love, they can go places with it and be glad. Most commonly known station wagons include the Buick Sport Wagon of 1964 and the 2013 Audi A4.