Types Of Cars

What are the different types of cars? Cars are important parts of our daily lives. They take us from point A to point B where point A is usually our home and point B is usually our workplace. The thing is that cars take us to where we want to go. There are also people who think their stature is being represented by the cars they own. There are many different types of cars. Each of them has different special features that each one of us will truly enjoy. The main types of cars are coupes, wagons, sedans, sports cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans.

Coupes are types of cars that usually have just two doors. These are types of cars that are driven by young professionals or the teenagers. Coupes are known to be fast cars. They are types of cars that are normally driven by childless couples too. Most coupes have hatch backs. Given that there are only just two doors, most coupes do not have back seats. However, there are a number of coupes that have back seat – only, they are difficult to access. Coupes are known because they are cool.

Sedans are your average ordinary car. They are usually equipped with all the basic needs a person may want in a car. They normally come in four doors, as they can seat 5 to 6 people. They have a huge trunk where one can store the things that he or she will need to bring. These types of cars are known to be very comfortable. Indeed, they are more focused on making sure all the passengers of the car are comfortably getting to their destinations rather than just be powerful and fast. Sedans are known because they are very comfortable.

Wagons are mommy cars. They are the types of cars perfect to use in carpools and the like as it has room for many people. These are cars that most active families choose to be in. They can usually sit around 8 people, with a compartment spacy enough for the family pet. Among all the other types, these are the ones that provide the best space. Wagons are known for their space and seating capacity.

Sports cars are roadsters that are very fast. They are called sports cars because aside from bringing you places, these types of cars can race. Sports cars originated from Europe. In fact, until now Europe is home to the most famous sports car brands such as Porsche and Ferrari. In the United States, the most common sports cars are the Corvette and the Dodge Viper. The main characterizing feature of sports cars is their speed.

SUVs or Sport Utility Vehicles are types of cars that are meant to be used in the outdoors. They are normally four wheel drive, to ensure easy handling. However, many people use their SUVs in the metro these days. Actually, more than 90% of people who have SUVs use them on the road. The most common SUVs are BMWs X-5 and Mercedes Benz’ ML320.