Types Of Soil To Grow Plants

There are numerous types of soil to grow plants and awareness about the soil type can help to grow plants accordingly. Prior knowledge about soil and its constituent components can do wonders in the growth of plants. ‘TypesOf.com’ helps you to know better, the types of soil to grow plants. The most important constituents are the texture and pH which are of primal importance when thinking of growing a plant. The requirement of different plants is different and thereby, there are various types of soil to grow plants.

Sand, slit and clay remain to be the three most important constituents of any type of soil. It is the proportion of each element that gives the soil its unique status. It will be wrong to say that one kind of soil is totally bad or good as each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let us look at the types of soil to grow plants:-

Sandy soil: These are made of large constituent particles making water retention difficult. This leads to the soil becoming less fertile as compared to the other types of soil, to grow plants. The soil gets dry easily. However, this can be used for the vegetation of plants like carrots and other root vegetables but not those plants which require extensive nutrients from the soil.

Clay Soil: This is one of the many types of soil to grow plants and is made up of heavier components unlike sandy soil. But the main problem with this soil type is that the very texture leads to water logging at times which makes the growth of all sorts of plants difficult. However, plants like pear trees and vegetables like broccoli thrive in this type of soil.

Loamy Soil: This is considered to be the most fertile of all types of soil to grow plants. The soil is a perfect amalgamation of sand, clit and rich fertile organic matter. It is rich in humus and dark in colour with good water and air retention capacities. It is considered ideal for growing almost all kinds of plants.

There are a few other types of soil to grow plants like silty, salty and peaty soil types. Silty soil has large particles and is very dry and coarse. Saline soil is high in the salt content and is dangerous and damaging in nature. It even creates problems in irrigation later on. Peaty soil is rich in organic matter and contains acidic water but is good for growth of plants.

Just as we have improvement measures for anything and everything, we can improve the soil types as well. Addition of organic matter is a must as it helps to maintain the fertility of the soil which is beneficial for the crops. It is advisable to be in sync with the pH of the soil as it determines to a large level the kind of plants that can be grown in a particular soil type. Thus, there are various types of soil to grow plants, we just have to choose the best that suits our purpose.