Types Of Soil

What are the different types of soil? Soil is the topmost layer of the earth. This is where we living things live and survive. There are many different substances that compose the soil. Here we have rock particles, animal matter, and some decayed plant. Each of these substances plays an important part to ensure that the soil is healthy. There are types of soil. Each of these types is composed of different mixes of these components.

Sandy soil is the soil that is characterized by the biggest soil particles. These are the types of soil that are better when it comes to aeration as well as drainage. As these are composed of big particles, it is known to be granular. The rocks and mineral particles that are in these types of soil are very small. These types of soil are shaped and molded through the weathering of rocks and minerals. They are known to be easy to cultivate, too.

The silty soils are types of soil that are somehow slippery and sticky. These are the soil that will stick to your finger when you touch them. The best fact about the silty soil is that they are the most fertile of all these types of soil. These are composed of minerals such as quartz. Much like the sandy soil, these types of soil are also granular. In comparison to the sandy soil, however, these are much smoother and healthier. As the silty soil is moisturized well, they are able to provide great drainage and compact.

Clay soils are the types of soil that are, well, clay. These are naturally forming materials. This soil can get heavy when wet. Therefore, it can get really tricky to cultivate the soil. If water logging occurs, the roots of the plant will get harmed. This is why when planting in clay soil you will need to use organic fertilizers. Clay soil is basically formed by weathering as well as rock disintegration, much like the sandy soil. However, there are sedimentary deposits that are brought about by erosion.

Loamy soil is soil that consists of silt, sand, and clay. Compared to the other types of soil, this is the most perfect with regards to gardening. This is the type that easily retains water while allowing great drainage. There are also a variety of types of soil that you can choose from – very muddy, fertile, thick, and many others. They are known to be great in cultivation, too. So if you are planning to make a garden, make sure that you have at least a layer of loamy soil.

Peaty soil is formed by accumulating decayed and dead organic matter. Among all the other types, this is the one that contains the most amount of organic matter. These are found in marshy waters, therefore contain acidity. This soil is formed by the combination of organic matter and the wet climate. The only time that the peaty soil will be ideal to be grown plants is when it is cultivated well and looked after regularly.