Types Of Soil Construction

Soil construction is important for construction purposes and there are many types of soil construction that are taken into account prior to construction. Prior to construction whether or not a soil is suitable for construction purposes is taken into account and once this is done, suitable measures are carried out to modify or correct anything that needs to be fixed. If you have ever come across the terms ‘earthwork’, ‘engineering of the soil’ or excavation you will have heard alternative names for soil construction. You see, when anything has to be built, the soil is excavated and so, it is also referred to as excavation.

One of the various types of soil construction is top soil excavation. Think of this as the ‘superficial’ removal of the soil- only the top layer of the soil that supports plantation such as grass, trees and plants is removed so that the foundations of the building can be laid out there. Building anything on top of such plantation is dangerous because it consists of moisture. The soil has to be dry and rid of moisture for the construction of a house or building. Removal of the top part of the soil allows the moisture to leave the soil and the soil that is dug out is later restored once the construction has taken place. In the meanwhile it is stockpiled.

Then another of the many types of soil construction is earth excavation. If you have ever walked past buildings with many stores or a house with a basement, you will notice that these places are quite deep into the ground. How is this done? Basically this involves the removal of the earth under the top soil. Rocks are removed and the earth is broken down into small pieces to be laid out later in thin layers once the construction has started.

Sometimes a lot of soil clumps together or becomes mucky due to excess amounts of water in the soil. This soil is undesirable because it would make construction very difficult- everything needs to be dry under the soil so that the foundations can be laid properly. Otherwise bricks or any other material used on the site would slip due to the muck. Hence, the muck is excavated and piled away till it dries up and can be used later on or the muck is stabilized by using some other material instead. This is one of those types of soil construction that is carried out in order to make the soil solid and hard so that it is suitable for construction.

Most construction companies for those types of soil construction that requires the movement of soil, earth, rocks and plantation as well. As the name suggests the removal of materials is unclassified because a lot is removed- not just the top soil or just the rocks. More than one thing is removed and so that is why this is known as unclassified excavation.

The types of soil construction employed is dependent upon the weather too.