Types Of Soil And Plant Growth

Getting to know types of soil and plant growth is vital. You see, whether you are gardening or not, the knowledge about the types of soil and plant growth will be useful to make sure that you are able to choose well the types of plants that you will plant there. You see, plants can be expensive too and you wouldn’t want to waste hard worked money on plants that will not even grow to have the flowers that are want to see.

Types of soil and plant growth: Sandy

Sandy soil is known to be the one with the largest particles. Sandy soil is known to be dry too. However, given that the soil is composed of large particles, they will not be able to hold water. This means that there are not a lot of plants that will grow in sandy soil.

Types of soil and plant growth: Silty

Silty soil is better for plants than the sandy soil. Silty soil is composed of particles much smaller than the sandy soil. It is known to be smooth too and can get soapy when wet. Given the fineness of the particles, the silty soil is known to be able to hold water better. The main problem about the silty soil, however, is that it does not drain well and cannot aerate well. Some plants that can be planted in silty soil include basils, green beans, beets, apple trees and many others.

Types of soil and plant growth: Clay

Clay soil is the one that is best for planting. Among all the soil types, clay is the one that has the smallest particles. This only means that it can absorb water really well. When it gets wet, it can get sticky. However, when it is dry it really is smooth. Clay soil is known to drain slowly too. This simply means that they can hold nutrients well. This makes clay the best soil to plant plants on. The only problem that is found in clay soil is that it can get difficult to handle when it gets extremely dry. If the soil gets too wet, however, it can get damaged easily. Therefore, it is still best that you maintain your clay soil at the right moisture at all times. Examples of plants that you can plant in clay soil include asters, golden rods, and ferns among others.

Types of soil and plant growth: Saline

Saline soil is the soil that has high salt content. Because of this, these kinds of soil can harm plants and cause a huge amount of damage to them. It can stall the growth of the plant. It can hinder their germination too. Long story cut short, saline soil is not good for plants because it will make them go through drought stress.

If you are looking to have a garden in your home, make sure that you are able to get to know well the types of soil and plant growth as this will be your guide for as to which plants to plants where.