Types Of Plants Vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a video game and there are two types of plants vs zombies- the first type which is the first part and second type which is the second part of the video game. It was first a cartoon and later on video games were made too and these consist of the same characters and themes as the cartoon itself. It was released in 2009 and it had rapidly gained popularity and success after its release. These are available on the iPad, the iPhone, iPod and many other smartphones and tablets as well.

Various players have unique methods of defense and offense while even each zombie is able to attack you in a different manner. The zombies just keep on coming until you finish a level and after that the pace at which the zombies come increases. The game is quite fast-paced and the characters have been described by some as ‘disgustingly cute’ because of the way the zombies have been made. The game can keep you hooked for hours and there are so many interesting stages in addition to these interesting features.

The thing about various types of plants vs zombies game is that they have added features and many fans of the game wanted to see a new part to the first of the various types of plants vs zombies games and because of this the second of the various types of plants vs zombies game was released in which more features were added and new weapons and zombies were included in these as well. One of the many rounds in all types of plants vs zombies is the game mode where you can earn money and you can buy things from a store in the game to use against the zombies. In different types of plants vs zombies, different types of weapons can be used as well. You have peashooters which your character will have at the start of the game. Other types of plants vs zombies games have to be bought by you instead. The zombies have various and funny types of characters that can be used too. One of these is the bungee zombie. These can drop zombies. Then there is the football zombie and the imp which are also different kinds of zombies

with special abilities. They can hit you from a distance.

The various types of plants vs zombies games are also addictive because of how interesting they are. The types of plants vs zombies games there are will be increased in the future as more parts of the game comes out now. Various types of customers like various types of plants vs zombies for various reasons- some like it because of the fact that it is mentally simulating while others do because of the fact that they are a good pass time. At the end of the day regardless of the types of plants vs zombies the fact is that this game is quite interesting and appealing to all people of all ages.