Types Of Plants Shrubs

Shrubs are perfect garden plants and this is why you must get to know the types of plants shrubs that you can choose from. Shrubs are defined as plants that are short and do not have a trunk. They are known to have multiple stems too and mostly leafy. There are types of plants shrubs that are shaped to look like whatever people want them to look like. This is their characteristic that makes them great plants to keep in your garden.

Andromedas are types of plants shrubs that can grow up to 12 feet. Originating in Japan, these evergreen shrubs are known to have clustered arching flowers that can either be white or pink. As for the leaves, these types of plants shrubs are known to have glossy green ones that are said to be resistant to deer. Indeed, if you are planning to get shrubs for your garden this must be one of your best bets.

Angel’s trumpets are types of plants shrubs that are known to be heat loving. They can grow up to 20 feet and 8 feet wide. You can see many species of these types of plants shrubs come in different colored flowers. There are flowers that are orange, peach, white, and yellow. They are known to attract hummingbirds too as they are very fragrant. But the best thing about these types of plants shrubs is that they are known to grow easily and this is why many people like them.

Bamboo palms are also types of plants shrubs they are known to grow up to 10 feet, height and width alike. You see, they are known and loved for having a very attractive and pleasant looking foliage. They are used by many gardeners as a great textural backdrop too because of their great glossy greenish color.

Bay types of plants shrubs are one of the most classically used in gardens. They are used in the culinary world too. These shrubs can grow between 2 feet to 30 feet tall and a foot to 20 feet wide, depending on the species. They are known to be deer resistant as well. They have awesome looking foliage as well and are known to be drought tolerant. The huge varieties are mostly used to protect other plants from intense sunlight too.

Bluebeard types of plants shrubs are great to have in gardens as they come with great looking blue violet flowers. They can only grow up to 3 feet tall and wide. They are great as borders and ground covers because of their size. Because of the bright colored flowers, these shrubs are known to be attractive to butterflies. This only means that they are fragrant too and this is why they are great additions to your gardens.

There are thousands of other shrubs that you can choose to add to your garden. For sure, no matter what kinds of look you may want to add to your garden you can do so. This is why you must be able to get to know a lot of them to come up with an educated decision.