Types Of Plants Reproduction

Various plants reproduce differently and there are various types of plants reproduction and while some of the plants are asexual, other plants do reproduce and there are different types of plants reproduction due to this very reason. While some plants go for pollination and meiosis, other plants reproduce via a process known as mitosis and these are all various forms of reproduction. Asexual plants do not need to go for methods involving two plants because they are able to reproduce on their own and do not rely on a ‘mate’ to be able to reproduce.

Pollination is one of the various types of plants reproduction and what happens in this case is that a flower produces tiny pollen grains. Have you ever noticed how, in some cities, people tend to cough, get puffy eyes and have breathing problems even though they do not have asthma or any other disease of the sort? Have you also noticed how this usually happens in the spring and in the beginning of the summers? That is because pollen grains are in the air. In some cases insects such as bees carry pollen grains with them: the grains adhere to their bodies due to small, tiny hairs that can be seen if you look at them carefully. When they go and sit on other surfaces, the pollen grains get deposited there and that is why the process of pollination is one of those types of plants reproduction that also helps ensure that certain types of plants grown in different places in the city.

Then there are those types of plants reproduction where the plants turn out to be identical to their parents and this die to the fact that they consist of the same number of chromosomes as the parents and it is due to this that the offspring is identical to the parent- it is almost as if the offspring is a clone of the parent because they appear the same, function the same and also the reproduction system is the same. Neither of the two types of plants varies from one another because of the fact that even the chromosome count is the same.

Then, there are those types of plants reproduction that are opposite to the process of mitosis and this is known as meiosis. In meiosis the process is different and the appearance of the offspring may be different from that of the parent plant. Here reproduction occurs when the male and the female produce cells that are half the total number of chromosomes in either plant. These cells are known as haploid cells and can only occur in these types of plants reproduction- the male produces gametes that consist of half the number of chromosomes. These gametes then fertilize the ovaries of the female plant and the cells combine to produce the offspring which is a product of these types of plants reproduction. Meiosis also takes place in animals. It is because of this that the offspring has features that may be different to the features of their parents in plants and animals, both