Types Of Plants In The Savanna

You will come across different types of plants in the Savanna though you would mostly come across grasses in the region, you can also find other types of plants in the Savannah. You would come across grasses of different lengths in the savanna. While some of these are about 6 inches tall, there are also those that are 9 inches tall and you would also be able to find various types of trees in these areas. There isn’t much variety as the soil is such that only some types of plants can be found in the savanna. You would come across a cluster of tree in the savanna and the trees in the region are actually known as prairies.

There are scarce amounts of water here and due to friction various types of plants in the savanna can rub against one another and die due to the friction caused. These dry plants have caused quite a lot destruction because of this. One of the types of plants in the savanna are baobab tree which is now able to survive in the climatic conditions of the region and it is able to take the necessary steps and measures to be able to survive in such climatic conditions. What these trees do is that they grow leaves in generally wetter climatic conditions but as soon as the weather becomes drier they shed their leaves so that they can preserve moisture and the water content.

Another one of the many types of plants in the savanna is the acacia tree. These trees are interesting and can survive the drastic climatic conditions of the savanna because of the fact that their roots go deep and underground and so they are able to tap into the water resources that are deep into the ground and that is how they manage to survive. Generally you would find thorns on these types of plants in the savanna. The thorns help minimize water loss and often you would be able to small ants on these trees that hollow out parts of the tree and feed off of the nectar that it produces. It wouldn’t be a good idea to allow your animals (or yourselves) to play with or eat such plants because you’d be facing a ton of angry ants otherwise and that is not something you would want to deal with.

Regardless of the types of plants in the savanna you would come across many plants and trees that are a few feet away from one another. You will never find a canopy in these regions because of the fact that the trees are so far apart from one another. Due to this the sunlight directly hits the ground and the moisture content is lost which further increases the amount of heat that there is and it is because of this that when branches, twigs and dead leaves on plants rub against one another and could and do cause fire outbreaks every now and then in the summers.