Types Of Plants Hormones

There are several types of plants hormones exist. A cell is the unit of life and it releases a kind of chemical substance and it is known as the hormone. These cells are present not only in a human body but also in the body of animals and plants as well. In plants these cells are found in the stems. In order to know about the different types of plants hormones it is important to have a gist on stem cells. The stem is the part of any plant and a plant comes from a seed. The development of the plant in the sand is just like the development of a baby inside the womb. When we plant the seeds in soil, the air, minerals and the moisture combinedly result in producing a baby plant. It looks very delicate with small roots. This baby plant consists of plenty of stem cells which develop further into leaves, roots, stem, and buds.

These types of plants hormones are formed by the cell only and the process is done by them only. If we take an example of any plant than it is to be acknowledged that the stem cells are kept inside the plant for its entire life. It is so because the cells keep getting divided and always the new cells keep on forming, due to which the new leaves, stems and buds produce in the plant. This dividation results in the releasing of hormones which is responsible for the further growth of a plant. The continuous dividation of cells, formation of new ones and release of hormones keep happening in the plant for its entire Lifecycle.

As the plants are different from each other, like there are some floral plants, some of them do not produce any flower; some of them are of small size but some of them converted into big trees after a few years of planting them, and several more. This is the reason that the cells are also different for all these types of plants and that is why; produce different types of plants hormones.

The growth of any plant depends on the cells completely. If the secretion of the hormones is good then the growth of the plant will also be good.

The study of plants arises many questions in an individual’s mind. The most common is that if the cells keep on dividing ad the formation of new cells is always there then why a plant dies. Well, the answer is that is like a human body. There is an age of everything and so as for the plants. After a certain period of time it also dies. They formation of cells and releasing process of hormones depend on the sunlight, water and some other sort of things which are highly required. It is just like keeping a body healthy. Also, the quantity of water, amount of sunlight depends plant to plant on the basis of which the types of plants hormones release. We can take care of the plants in a better way following this concept.