Types Of PhD Degrees

There are so many types of PhD degrees for people seeking for advanced degrees in different fields. Below are some of the most common ones available in different universities.

Doctor of Phylosophy (Ph.D). This is usually one of the most advanced types of PhD degrees available in several fields. A graduate of a ph.D degree will normally go through several classroom courses, exams, and a doctoral dissertation. Most of these types of PhD degrees are designed for students with master’s degree, however, there are some doctorate programs you will enroll with an undergraduate degree. There are several fields one can concentrate on while pursuing an advanced career leading to the award of a ph.D.

Ph.D. in Psychology

This is structured to build upon the knowledge acquired during an undergraduate program. Students under this program are normally introduced into advanced courses such as personality, cognition, and neuroscience. To become a graduate in this field, students are required to have some years of classroom study, write several examinations, and write a dissertation which will be defended orally. Some of the institutions will ask their students to work as teaching assistants for some semesters as part of the requirements to be awarded a ph.D. Some of the courses you will expect from a psychology ph.D include foundations of cognition, emotional regulation, culture social psychology, and culture and society.

Ph.D. in Art History

This is one of the types of PhD degrees that require students to complete a well researched thesis as a requirement for the award of the degree. The students are required to specialize in a specific field in art history. For a student who wants to pursue this line of advanced degree, you will be required the following courses in your curriculum:

* Ancient Eastern Art

* Contemporary African art

* Postmodernism arts

* Native American Landscape

Ph.D in art history is very common among phd degrees. However, there are equally other common types of PhD degrees.

Ph.D in Education: These types of PhD degrees are usually for educators and people in the teaching line. Students can specialize in educational leadership, evaluation and reform, education policy, early childhood education, or educational administration.

Engineering Doctoral Programs

These types of PhD degrees are specially designed for engineers. The program offers several concentrations in advanced topics which include geology, petroleum engineering, mechanical, computer, and civil engineering. The total course unit for these programs is usually between 40 to 72 credits, depending on the program and school.

Doctoral Programs in Biological Sciences

There are different specializations in this field including pathology, genomics and genetics, immunology, cancer biology, neurobiology, virology, molecular biology, biochemistry, developmental biology, and biomedical engineering. Students studying for these types of PhD degrees in biological sciences are required to undergo teaching trainings and several lab rotations.

Apart from the above types of PhD degrees, there are equally other advanced non phd degrees that can be obtainable. Some of them are Ed.D (Doctor of Education), MD (Doctor of Medicine), and J.D (Juris Doctor).