Types Of Paper

What are the different types of paper? We use paper in many things. There isn’t a day that we don’t use paper, actually. There are so many uses of paper that there are so many different types of paper. Listed below are the most common types of paper as well as their main uses.

The abrasive Kraft types of paper are papers that are mostly used to make sand paper. They are then used in different roughening applications. The Absorbent Kraft, however, are those that are mainly used for laminates. They are also known to be used in tube making as well as defense applications. The alkaline papers, on the other hand, are types of paper that have pH levels that are greater than 7. The Anti-rust paper, as the name implies, are types of paper that are used to protect materials from rust. The antique papers are the papers used in printing. They are known to have good bulk and opacity too, while the art papers are different colored papers made out of China clay. These are the papers mainly used in calendars, brochures, magazines, and other high quality printed materials.

The barograph papers are types of paper that are red and thin. One of the sides of these types of paper are coated with wax and are mainly used in barographs. The base papers are sued to convert coat and laminate. There are different grades that are available for these types of paper. The battery jacket papers are those that are mainly used in tube making, laminates as well as defense applications, much like the absorbent Kraft. The beedi wrap papers, on the other hand, are those that are mainly used in decorative purposes. The Bible papers are the white, thin, and opaque paper that are mostly used in making bibles. They are not suitable to be written on as they are highly absorbent. The Blade papers are those that are mainly used to keep razor blades. The bond papers are our everyday writing and printing papers. They are stiff, strong, and aesthetical. This is why the bond papers are mostly used in stationery and letterheads. The book papers are those that are used by the publishing industry, while the business forms papers are, well, the types of paper used for business forms.

The carbon base papers are types of paper that are of low gram mages. They are known to be absorbent, too and are controlled when manufactured. The carbon papers, on the other hand, are those that are coated with impressionable ink. These are the types of paper that are used when another copy of a certain document is needed simultaneously. The carbonless papers are the ones that are treated to provide copies but do not have impressionable ink that is present. These are mainly used in computer stationery, copying applications, and even application forms. The cardboard are those that are of many types and used for printing, decorating and packing. They include Bristol boards, paste boards, pulp boards, ivory boards, chromo boards, and many others.