Types Of Paper Weight

The paper weight of paper differs and depends upon who is using it and for what. There are different types of paper weight and the purpose for each of these varies with the purpose that is being used for. There are primarily three types of paper weight. These differ in thickness and, obviously, weight as well. Generally speaking papers that are thick and do not let light pass through are referred to as heavy or dense paper. Their thickness stops the light from passing through. Various types of paper weight are used in different countries as well. The concept of paper weight/density is used in the pulp or paper manufacturing industry particularly. It is also used to measure per unit of area for different types of paper, fabric and/or paperboards.

The first of the three types of paper weight is basis weight. The weight of 500 sheets is taken. This is measured in pounds. This is taken in that particular paper’s basic sheet size and may and would differ for every type of paper. This is used in places that make use of US sized paper. The measurement and this method of weighing the paper is used in the US and the weight of the uncut basis ream is taken to make this type of paper. These types of paper weight are used to make quite a few things and because of how thick it is it also serves as box covers and tissues. Apart from this they are also used in books and such like. The thing about these sorts of paper is that they are great in the long term and can persist in all kinds of weather conditions. They do not get spoilt easily and nor do they curl up due to changing weather conditions. These types of paper weight are excellent for paperback books, writing, tissues, boxes, paperboard and textbooks. They do not tear easily due to their thickness either.

The second of the various types of paper weight is caliper weight which is measure with a micrometer to get an accurate measure. You won’t find these types of paper weight being used for every type of paper because they are used solely to make business papers for various companies which usually use the same paper weight across the board.

These two types of paper weight are used for different purposes as can be seen above and most countries use them. The grammage for types of paper is what makes them usable for different purposes. The more the grammage, the more the paper weight- especially the basis weight types of paper weight. Different brands produce different types of paper because of the fact that they all have their own clients- in some cases these may be businesses while in others they may be making books (textbooks and/or other types of books) for certain book stores. Since the requirements of different products, when it comes to paper, are different, various types of paper weight has to be looked into.