Types Of Paper That Can Be Recycled

Recycling paper is that process where new products of paper re made from waste paper and there are various types of paper that can be recycled and these can be put under three major categories. Mill broke basically includes paper trimmings and other variety of scrap paper which is generated during the manufacturing of paper and these are recycled in paper mills. Pre consumer paper wastes are generated before it reaches consumers but after it leaves the paper mills. Post consumer paper wastes are those which can be recycled after it has been used by consumers and are discarded by them.

The various types of paper that can be recycled are:

Corrugated materials: corrugated cardboard is the most common type of paper product which can be recycled and is often found in those boxes or products used for packaging. These are used in grocery stores, and even in departmental stores as the corrugated cardboard tends to have corrugated flute which is made for recycled materials only. There are only few types of paper that can be recycled which are made from corrugated material comes under this category. Pizza boxes or the cardboard boxes which are covered with plastic or with wax cannot be recycled.

High grade paper: This category includes office paper which is of high quality, such as, white paper, copy paper, computer printouts and other types of office stationery. The fibers of such paper are so good that it can be recycled to make paper which of good quality. Recycling office paper, can save as many as twenty four trees.

Newsprint: Newspapers are also the common type of paper product which can be recycled. If the daily newspaper is collected for a year and is recycled then the pulp generated from recycling it will be equal to almost two-thirds acre of forest land. Apart from this, the energy consumption in recycling the paper is far less than the energy used in converting the wool into the pulp. Apart from this, the old newspaper can also be used to paper toys, or paper mache products and can also be used in insulation, and stuffing the paper products as well. Telephone books are also made from newsprint paper and falls under this category only.

Glossy paper: Magazines, color paper, catalogs and junk mails falls under this category. Since the shine in this paper comes from the use of clay, the paper left for recycling is very less and thus the process of recycling this paper becomes costly. But this type of paper when recycled is used to make paperboards.

Pulp Substitutes: These are found in the mills and pulp substitutes are those types of paper that can be recycled easily and can be found easily in the products which we buy on daily basis.

Apart from this, there are other types of paper that can be recycled and they do not fall into above categories, such as heavy weight folders, shredded paper, tissue boxes, paper coffee cups, books, brown paper bags among others.