Types Of Paper Recycling

Types Of Paper Recycling

Everything that you see today right from packaging to mail involves paper. This means, if you are considering types of paper recycling opportunities, you should know that paper makes up to be the largest percentage of municipal solid waste. It is also considered to be one of the most preferable materials to be recovered as there are enough and more recycling opportunities readily available.

According to be EPA statistics, the present recycling was engage in the US is just 30%, but if this could be increased to 60%, it would be equal to saving 300 million barrels of oil every year. Recycling is a fun project to do at home with a little time and effort, but it brings great benefit to the homeowner as well as the environment.

Paper being the easiest product to recycle; you would be wondering the different types of paper recycling options. So here are some options for you to consider:

* Newspapers – newspapers are usually recycled back as news printing. So you can save it as it does and take it to the nearest recycling center. Did you know that if you recycle 4 foot stack of newspapers, it is equal to saving a 40 foot fir tree?

* Magazines/printed fliers – these again can be recycled back as printed material. It would save a lot of time if you can keep them saved together in one box. However, make sure that you remove any rubber bands or plastic inserts in these materials. If you have an envelope that has a plastic window, it will not be accepted at the recycling center. So, you can cut off the plastic window portion and save the rest. Staples on these materials are acceptable.

* Paper cartons – if you use a lot of paper drink cartons, you are up for a major recycling opportunity. Paper cartons are considered as one of the most preferable options in different Types of paper recycling. Most recycling centers accept them as it is, but make sure that you do not include any fast food or candy wrappers made from plastic, food stained napkins or dirty tissues.

* Cardboard – This is yet another favorite when it comes to types of paper recycling options. Cardboard being highly valuable, make sure that you collect them in bunches and tie them together with a string. It’s not necessary that you need to keep it in perfect condition, but if you have collected them from different places in bits and pieces, all you need to do is to keep them together with a help of a string. However, make sure to check with the recycling center if there is any weight and size limitation and how much you are allowed to sell. The most important thing to remember when collecting cardboard is that you have to keep it completely dry. Greasy, wet, wax or plastic coated cardboards will not be accepted because they clog recycling machines and is a huge challenge.

Although, types of paper recycling options are many, it is up to you to come up with ideas on how you can save paper for recycling opportunities. You could also figure out different types of paper recycling options that you could do at-home to save the environment.