Types Of Paper Labels

There are different types of paper labels used in promotion and advertisement campaigns for different brands. Their uses are dependent upon the nature and requirement of the product. But the most vital thing to consider is what type of paper label is suitable for a particular product. Below are the types of paper labels and the type of product they can be used.

Economy Thermal paper labels

These types of paper labels are coated with thermal and turn black if exposed to heat. They are most commonly used for a short period of time mainly for information labeling where there is little or no contamination. They are ideally utilized as point of sale labels in box end descriptions, address labeling, logistics, weigh scales, and in stores.

Thermal Top Coated paper labels

These ones are protected from contamination of plasticisers, solvents, grease, and fats which can occur during transportation or storage. These types of paper labels are most commonly utilized in the package of cold things such as meat and foods that are frozen. They are also used in the labeling of products in supermarkets and on frozen items used for industrial bar-coding.

Semi-Gloss paper labels

These are usually coated by a glossy machine. They are the types of paper labels that are more commonly used in multi-color print and thermal transfer prints, were details for fine prints are required. They are equally used in promotional applications.

Vellum paper labels

These types of paper labels are smooth, plain white, and are usually free of wood. They are utilized for information labeling and general purpose applications such as bar-coding.

Polypropylene paper labels

These are one of the most popular types of paper labels which are used for durable and rigid applications. They are made of waterproof materials used in promotional labeling, toiletries, and cosmetics labeling.

Paper adhesive types

There are certain paper labels that are adhesives and are particularly meant to be attached on products. They include;

Permanent adhesive:

These are the most popular paper adhesives found in the adhesive label market. These are permanent in nature because they are not easily removed even when pressure is applied on the application. They are basically used where the information of the product is very vital and usually last on the application for a period of one year (when placed in a normal environment).

Removable paper adhesives

These types of paper adhesives can be peeled off easily from the product. They are most commonly used in promotional campaigns where the label can easily be peeled off after the product is bought.

Freezer labels

This is very important in cases where products are required to be kept in low temperatures. They are most suitable for use in products that are kept in freezer environments.

Peelable labels

These types are strong and may not easily fall off from the product. However, they can be easily peeled off without leaving adhesives behind or ripping off the base stock. Their strong nature makes it possible for them to be easily removed and applied elsewhere.