Types Of Paper Folding

There are various types of paper folding nowadays and these are usually used for different purposes by different people in various industries and departments in various companies. If you have ever seen brochures and pamphlets you would see that these are all the outcomes of different types of paper folding because they are made and folded in different ways. That is how companies represent their products, services, causes and purpose- via the use of pamphlets, brochures and flyers as well. Some types of paper folding may even be used to make files and folders of sorts.

One of the many types of paper folding is the single fold which is also known as the half fold. These divide the paper into two with an obvious middle parting. If you have seen newspapers, these are the types of paper folding that are used to make newspapers. The types of news shown on the paper are divided and different on both parts of the newspaper even though technically it is one big sheet that has been half folded into two in the middle. There are 2 sides on one part and 2 on the other with a middle parting.

There are also those types of paper folding that are known as tri-folds. You will see many brochures for which such paper folding is used. Often menus are folded this way and on the first page, on the outside, you would see the logo of the restaurant or company and on the inside you would be able to see the foods, products or services. These types of paper folding have 2 middle partings. There are 6 sides and these are tucked in the middle with the front page of the brochure acting as the part under which the rest of the papers are folded.

Another of the various types of paper folding is the one where there are two half folds and a trifold. The two half folds are on the sides while the middle page parts the two half folds apart. These types of paper folding are used for those types of brochures where companies want to explain a lot than what is usually told or explained on a brochure. There are 10 sides where these types of paper folding are concerned and this allows people or companies to explain a lot more than they would be able to otherwise.

There are many other types of paper folding and they are all used for different purposes. If you happen to pick up the brochure of a university you would see that universities usually go for tri folded papers where they explain the basics of the university and give only some details. If you ever happen to notice, most brochures are actually one big paper that is folded in different forms. These types of paper folding allow the user of the brochure to use more space on the same paper to explain a lot more. These are just examples of some types of paper folding.