Types Of Paper Clips

Many people do not know this but the types of paper clips we come across today were initially meant to be used to hold tickets to fabric but it was later that manufacturers realized that these could be used to hold papers together and in place. It is really quite amazing to see how many companies have benefited due to paper today and this is inclusive of those companies that are involved in making and manufacturing various types of paper clip. You could go anywhere, to any office in the world and you will find many types of paper clips. Walk into a headmistress’ office; go to an examiner checking a students’ exam or test; go to the office of any government official or even check out any contracts you may have signed- you are bound to find that these have been held together by certain types of paper clips. Paper clips are easy to find, cheap to invest in and when you lose them you can always find other paper clips to hold sheets and fabric together.

A paper clip is actually a piece of metal wire that has been made in a way that it could form a clip to attach papers together. These are not meant to be used for too many papers at once though because that would widen them up and make then unusable. At first these types of paper clips were made without any coloring or cover though today, you will find that these types of paper clips are covered with thin plastic of different colors (pink, blue, black, green, purple, yellow and other colors of the sort). Students hand in assignments, if done on paper, to hold them together before submitting them or a teacher usually does the same before returning the papers to the student. This shows that different types of paper clips can be and have been used in various fields. That is what is so amazing about paper clips- when one tends to look at different types of paper clips they presume that these devices are simple and cheap but we do not realize how many people around the world use them even in the world of today whe

re technology and computers are used practically everywhere. These simple little wires have helped people do so much by allowing them to hold papers together and without them you could easily lose important documents and information.

Another of the many types of paper clips is what is known as paper binders. Though clips are used to hold a few sheets together, they cannot be used to hold a stack of papers together. Paper binders are made primarily for that purpose. You could even attach a few papers to a thick book using these types of paper clips instead of having to keep them separate from one another. These clips are relatively newer than the wire clips and last for long too. They are relatively costlier than wire clips but one can still afford to buy these.