Types Of Paper Airplanes

As kids and even as adults we have all been involved in making different types of paper airplanes because- let’s face it- it is fun! There are many types of paper airplanes and while some of these are pretty standard and known too, other methods of making these are not used as widely nor are they as well-known either. The easier ones are known to us because our parents or elders taught us how to make them as we were growing up but other types of paper airplanes may be something that even they do not know about.

The first of the types of paper airplanes is known as the arrow. You take a sheet and fold it in between to create a middle parting and then, you fold the sheet from the top from the corner so that the edges are in line with the parting itself. Once this is done you fold the paper from the edges of the sheet so that, again, they are equally folded on both sides and meet in the middle after which you would turn the airplane over so that you can fold it in half. Then you would have to fold the first half of the wing (the one that is exposed and faces you) so that it is parallel to the center- the fold could be 0.5 to 1 inch away from the center. Turn the paper over and do the exact same to the other wing and you have the arrow!

The moth is another of the many types of paper airplanes and you are bound to know how to make this because it is so easy that any and every child and adult knows how to make this. You do the same as you did with the arrow- make the middle parting and fold the edges as you did there, too. After this take the corners of the sheet and fold them on top of the edges that you made (which you made in the last step). You will see the tip of the folds in the first step protruding out. Fold that upwards so that it holds the corners in place. Then take the paper over and fold one half over the other and fold the wing that’s facing you and then, turn the plane over and do the same to the other half as well and you will have made the moth.

Then, you’ve got the kite which, despite its name, is one of the many types of paper airplanes that is made in a different way. Take one side of the sheet and make 0.5 to1 inch folds and do this about 8 times. Make tight folds. Next, flip the paper over so that it would be easier for you to fold it in half. Take the first wing that faces you and fold it about half an inch to 1 inch from the middle and do the same to the next week and you’ll have successfully made the kite!