Types Of Network With Diagram

There are different types of network with diagram which are classified based on their features. A network diagram is a diagram designed and created by a group of computers interconnected together. The following are the different types of network with diagram with their examples and specific shape.

Basic Network Diagram

This is the most basic of all the types of network with diagram as it can be used for simple documents. The basic network is primarily utilized in showing the logical correlation between different devices and how they can be successfully installed to meet the particular needs of the business.

Managing these types of network with diagram is not an easy task. Apart from coordinating files and other devices in the network, a lot of network administrators will also need to coordinate maintenance and repair of network equipment, check the flow of traffic both for Wide Area Network and Local area Network, and manage the data backup, store, and ensure the recovery of lost data. Network diagrams enable network and system administrators to design, manage, and coordinate their networks which provides detailed and clear graphic presentations of the basic types of network with diagram.

The software for basic network diagram will help you design network diagrams using graphics and shapes that look like common network devices and topologies. The network connector topologies easily attach to the shapes. When the devices are connected, they remain fixed even when they are moved from one place to another. Data such as IP address and t5he network name can actually be stored using the designed shapes. Once data has been entered, detailed reports can be easily generated for people that require data on any of the device in the drawing.

3D network diagram: These types of network with diagram enable network administrators design 3D network perspectives using already built oblique connectors. They are mostly using in designing detailed logical and physical network diagrams with the use of series of detailed computer accessory shapes.

Logical Network Diagrams

Logical network diagrams are the types of network with diagram that allows the passage of signals on network media. They are network diagrams that allow for the easy passage of data as the data moves from one network computer to the other without any interconnection of computers.

Cisco Network Diagrams

These types of network with diagram are particularly meant for network designers and network engineers that require the particular networking system that Cisco provides. It makes use of its own peculiar network symbols. Cisco’s network range and devices is very broad because of its wide network designs and large internet presence.

So many Cisco engineers make use of these types of network with diagram because it has built in symbols which make it very easy to use. With the help of their intuitive interface, network designers and network engineers can easily create precise Cisco diagrams. All they have to do is use the drag and drop features and pick any of the already designed shapes representing network devices and computers. Then auto-connecting lines can be drawn to represent data.