Types Of Network

What are the different types of network? Computer networks are basically a number of computers that are connected to each other. They do not necessarily need each other to function. However, they need a certain server that manages the connection. There are many different types of network. These types of network are LAN of local area network, WLAN or wireless local area network, WAN or wide area network, MAN or metropolitan area network, and SAN which can be a storage area network or a system area network, among others.

The most common types of network are the LANs. Local area networks are networks that are contained in a small location. A common example of LANs is a computer network found in a home. It can also be a group of computers in a certain computer laboratory. Meaning to say, the connection of the local area network is of short distance. A distinguishing factor of the LAN is that there is usually just a single person or entity that manages and runs it. This person is the only one who controls and owns the entire LAN. The LAN is connected by either a router or a computer system server.

WLAN stands for wireless local area networks. These are types of network that is similar to the LAN but is not connected by cables. As the name implies, this is a type of network that is basically wireless. Much like the LAN, the WLAN is hosted by a router as well. However, this is a wireless router compared to the traditional cabled ones. This is beneficial to those who use handheld and mobile devices. This is because they will be allowed to connect to each other even while they are moving around.

WANs are the second basic types of network. It stands for wide area network. These are types of network that covers a much larger space than the LAN. In other words, the WAN covers a large distance, physically. Among the many different WANs around the world, the largest is the internet. The internet is an interconnection of many computer systems around the world. Technically, the WAN is a collection of LANs. Much like the LAN, the WAN is connected by a router. The main difference of WANs is that they are not owned by a single person or entity. Most of the time, they are under distributed ownership.

MANs are Metropolitan area networks. They are types of network that consists of a group of LANs but does not cover areas as large as the WANs. As the name implies, the MANs usually span in a metro. They are normally controlled by a certain group of people, such as a large corporation or a government body.

SANs can be a storage area network or a system area network. Storage area networks are types of network that are composed of storage devices connected by a fiber channel. System area networks, on the other hand, are types of network that are composed of high performance computers. These computers are connected by high speed connections as well.