Types Of Meditation

What are the different types of meditation? Meditation is the process of giving the human mind a break from the many things that it thinks of every day. It’s like a spa day for your brain. You relax and take it slow. You sit in a non-stressful environment that will energize you in return. Do you know that there are many different types of meditation?

The first of the many types of meditation are called mindfulness meditation. These are the most common and famous types of mediation. This is basically meditating while being aware with your surroundings. You may be sitting in a room full of people who are not meditating, but you are able to achieve the calmness of meditation. This is done by allowing your mind to simply flow from one thought to another. You do not stress yourself out by thinking of anything. You are just mindless for a few minutes.

Next are the spiritual types of meditation. These are meditation practices wherein you are praying, and participating in a praying community. There are many types of meditation, and they are all about being quiet and relaxed. You do that here as well. However, while you are meditating, you are talking to god as well, through the powers of prayers.

Focused types of meditation are types wherein you clear your mind of the many thoughts that can cause stress and headaches to you. This is great to do at home, alone as you can easily focus on a mantra, an object or even a sound. The goal in these types of meditation is that you should be able to focus on one thing and stay there until you get all the meditation needs that you are looking for. When you have mastered these types of meditation, you will be able to meditate even with sounds around and feel the benefits of the meditation you just did, that even when you are focused don something, you are still able to free your mind.

The movement types of meditation are the most intimidating types of meditation. Here, you sit with your eyes closed and focus simply on your breath. You try different breathing techniques that will bring you the calmness and relaxation you need from meditating. Rather than focusing on something else, in movement meditation you just focus on the movements that you are making while you are in the process of meditation. You will be surprised with the therapeutic effects of the meditation for sure.

Lastly, there are mantra types of meditation. These are when words are used and chanted loudly when you are meditating. These words may seem loud and all but these words will be the ones that will help you obtain the level of calmness and relaxation that you need. The most common type of the mantra meditation is yelling “om”. Some movies have made fun of it, but if taken seriously, you will be surprised with how effective these two little letters are when used in proper meditation styles and techniques.